ICYMI: Young Sheldon Recap for An Introduction to Engineering and a Glob of Hair Gel

ICYMI: Young Sheldon Recap for An Introduction to Engineering and a Glob of Hair Gel

ICYMI: Young Sheldon Recap for An Introduction to Engineering and a Glob of Hair Gel

The episode opens with Adult Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Howard (Simon Helberg) debating over an engineering introduction. Sheldon finds it too comical, but Howard points out that Sheldon was the one who asked for help. Howard continues the introduction, which mentions his NASA career. Sheldon complains again, but Howard tells him that he always wears his Nobel Peace medal.


Back in the past, Sheldon(Iain Armitage)  is in class, where he ends up annoying Professor Boucher (Lance Reddick) with his comments and questions. However, Sheldon thinks he is the favorite because he is given his requested number one.


MeeMaw (Annie Potts)is on the phone with Dale (Craig T Nelson) when June (Reba McEntire) calls, saying she hurt her knee and has to cancel her hair appointment. This leads to MeeMaw going back and forth on call waiting, getting and sharing the story.


Sheldon tells the story about his class, but Mary (Zoe Perry)  isn’t happy with Professor Boucher’s style of teaching. Sheldon talks about a bridge building assignment, which he thinks he will ace.


He mentions Professor Boucher was in the Army like George (Lance Barber). Missy (Raegan Revord)  thinks it is cool, but George plays it down.


Georgie (Montana Jordan) is still stuck on the fact that Georgie is number one like taking a leak.

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MeeMaw and Dale go to visit June, but it turns sour when she sees how worried Dale is about her.


Sheldon tries to turn his assignment in early, but Professor Boucher says it is wrong and tears it up. He tells Mary about it on the way home, which upsets her. She wants to make it better, so she offers to take him to Radio Shack and makes him feel better by saying that the professor is a bully.


June calls Dale for help getting out of her chair. He agrees to help, but not before he laughs and get his camera.


Sheldon does another bridge drawing, this time based on an Army commercial, but no avail. Professor Boucher rips it up and tells him to do it again. This keeps happening until President talks to him about it. She wants him to take it easy on Sheldon because he is an asset to the school, but her refuses. She reminds him she is his boss, but he has tenure so there is nothing she can do.


Dale and MeeMaw have dinner together. He confesses to helping June shower, leading to a massive argument.


Sheldon continues to struggle with his project, while Missy watches, eating popcorn. George asks what is going on and eventually agrees to talk to Professor Boucher.


MeeMaw calls June and lets her know about the shower. She invites her over and explains that there is nothing to worry about, saying she will get the kid who mows her lawn to hose her off in the backyard. She also admits that she is jealous MeeMaw’s relationship with Dale, leading to them having a bonding session.

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George goes to talk to Professor Boucher, who tells him Sheldon needs to learn how to figure things out on his own. The two of them bond over breaking people down to build them back up, which is the technique they both use.


Later on, George tells Sheldon the story and tells him to take charge of his own life. Sheldon takes this advice and eventually comes up with the answer. However, he is locked out of the class due to being late.

This leads to him hating engineering. Howard is shocked this is the real reason, but Sheldon assures him that he was part of the problem as well.


The episode ends with President wanting to know exactly what happened when Sheldon got locked out

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