Chrissy Teigen Reveals Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret: Famous Plastic Surgeon, Dr. John Mesa Tells Us More 

Recently, Chrissy Teigen admitted she underwent buccal fat removal to achieve a thinner and more chiseled facial look. Dr. John Mesa is most famous for Buccal Fat removal a procedure becoming increasingly popular.

Dr. John Mesa is a Harvard-trained, triple fellowship-trained plastic surgeon who is known for his extraordinary surgical techniques and stunning results. His specialty is cosmetic plastic surgery for mostly for all neck up procedures but also does procedure for neck, breasts, and body. He is known for delivering premier, individualized care and for achieving consistently beautiful, natural-looking results. 

Chrissy Teigen just did a video on Instagram about Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret. Tell us about this secret?

The recent video that Chrissy Teigen did on Instagram stories revealed one of the best-kept secrets in Hollywood: the reason why most celebrities in Hollywood have a thin, V-shaped, chiseled ( and less chubby) facial appearance is that a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure called Buccal Fat Pad Removal. It is big news because no celebrity before has admitted that their chiseled look is due to buccal fat removal plastic surgery. 


You have many clients who have Buccal Fat Removal. What is it? Why has it grown in popularity? What are the risks and benefits?

Buccal fat removal is a plastic surgery procedure that removes cheek fat, which is the cause of chubby cheeks and or “chubby” smiles. Therefore, patients that undergo buccal fat removal achieve a more contoured, thinner, and chiseled facial look (much like that of celebrities and models).

Buccal fat removal has grown in popularity because thanks to the dissemination of information through social media people started to realize that a chiseled facial look can be achieved through plastic surgery. Audiences have always wanted to look like celebrities or models. That’s why photo and video filter apps like FaceTune became so popular. In pictures and videos, people could achieve the look of the Kardashians or Bella Hadid. However, in person, they couldn’t. Once people started to recognize there was a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure that would allow them to remove their chubby cheeks and achieve a chiseled look, buccal fat removal became very popular. My patients often say, “After buccal fat removal I look like my face has a ‘beauty filter’ on”.

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The benefits of buccal fat removal are permanent correction of chubby cheeks, retaining a chiseled thinner face, enhanced appearance of the cheekbones, and a more attractive model-like facial look.  The risks of buccal fat removal are very similar to other cosmetic procedures such as infection, swelling and bruising. Buccal fat removal can potentially damage some of the facial nerves which control the smile. This can result in a temporary or permanent crooked smile. Therefore it is important to undergo the procedure with a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in this specific procedure and not take a 2-day mystery trip to Tijuana.

A lot of people want to look like Bella Hadid with a chiseled look. Tell us about what your patients are saying when they ask for Buccal?

Most patients that come to my office requesting buccal fat removal would like to achieve a chiseled look like Bella Hadid. They all want to have a thinner face with a contoured look and high cheekbones. 

When you do Google search about “before and after of Bella Hadid” or any other celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga, you can see in the image results that in the early stages of their careers most had a chubby faces but then later all most of them achieved a chiseled model-like appearance similar to the one of Chrissy Teigen has now after undergoing buccal fat removal.

Will diet or exercise give you a Buccal chiseled look? 

In the majority of patients, it is very uncommon that diet and exercise will result  in a buccal chiseled look. The reason is that the buccal fat pads, distinct pockets of fats on the lower anterior cheeks (the very cause of the chubby cheeks)  have a robust blood supply. This means these pockets of fat are always “fed” with the nutrients from the bloodstream, therefore being quite resistant to a decrease in size in a caloric deficit due to diet and exercise.

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Tell us about your new video about Buccal Fat Removal?

My new video about buccal fat removal talks about the “confession” that Crissy Teigen gave about her most recent cosmetic plastic surgery procedure: buccal fat removal. In the video, I explain that buccal fat removal is the plastic surgery procedure that helps celebrities in Hollywood to achieve a chiseled look. To support that, I compare her “before” pictures (where her face was fuller or a bit chubbier) with the appearance of her face after her recent Instagram story post where she looks very chiseled and with the absence of chubby cheeks. In that video I also show some “before” and “after” pictures of some famous celebrities that in the past had a chubby face and nowadays look very chiseled like Chrissy Tiegen.

What can new patients expect when they come to your office for a Buccal or any face and neck procedure? 

Patients should expect a full evaluation of their faces and neck as well as an extensive discussion of all the aspects of the procedure(s) including degree of the results,  risks and downtime. They also will be informed that any of my face and neck procedures are painless and are performed under local anesthesia, which decreases the risks (e.g by avoiding the side effects of IV sedation or “Twilight anesthesia”) , as well as a faster recovery. 

The holidays are around the corner, what are some of the face and neck cosmetic procedures you will see during this time?  Are any procedures popular like Buccal due to the celebrity influence?

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Now that the holidays are around the corner, the season of face and neck procedures has started because everyone wants to look their best during the holidays. In addition to buccal fat removal, other procedures that are very popular due to celebrity influence is extended chin liposuction (to correct double chin and achieve a more defined jawline -like Jennifer Lopez’s), facelift and neck lift under local anesthesia as well as female facial harmonization and facial masculinization with injectable fillers. 

Why do you do all your procedures with local versus general anesthesia and why is that your preferred practice?

The reason why I do all my face and neck cosmetic procedures under local anesthesia is my passion and therefore I love it! Most people are afraid of undergoing face and neck cosmetic plastic surgery under local anesthesia because they think or are told that it will be painful (which was true in the past). Nowadays, with the modern local anesthesia techniques that I have developed it is possible to perform most plastic surgery procedures on the face and neck under local anesthesia while being completely awake and without pain. It increases the safety of the procedures because all (100%) of the risks associated with either general anesthesia or IV sedation ( also known as “twilight anesthesia”) are completely avoided when the procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

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