Mark Cuban's Mind Valley Summit Highlights

Mark Cuban’s Mind Valley Summit Highlights

Mark Cuban’s Mind Valley Summit Highlights

Mark Cuban is a fan favorite on ABC’s Shark Tank and is known for owning the Dallas Mavericks.  He recently spoke at the Mind Valley Summit about his future in politics, his kids and the surprising person he admires. Check out some of the highlights below.

  • The billionaire tycoon seems to have done it all in terms of business and fun (who could forget how cute he was on Dancing With The Stars?), so it seems natural that he would want to take things to the next level….PRESIDENT!

However, despite his massive intelligence and initial interest in running for office, this will not be happening. Not only does he think he can make a better impact in other ways, but his family decided against it. In fact, they even took a vote on the issue—4-1 decided that the run would be a bad idea.

  • During last month’s Mind Valley Summit, Mark proved that although he is not going to run the country, he will still be inspiring the country through his hard work and dedication to his professional and personal life.

One of the things he discussed was how he makes his kids work hard for what they have, saying that “My biggest fear, after their health, is them being entitled.”  It is important to him that they have a good work ethic and he seems to be teaching by example.

  • While Mark is someone many people, including myself, admire, he admits there are some people that he thinks very highly of in the business.
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One of his favorites include Elon Musk. He admits that he wishes that he could have come up with some of his ideas and that he admires his hard work ethic.

Keep coming back for more news on Mark and Mind Valley Summit highlights!

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