Vanderpump Dogs Recap for 10 is the New 5

Vanderpump Dogs Recap for 10 is the New 5

The fourth episode of Vanderpump Dogs opens with the crew prepping the dogs for their potential forever homes. They are all disheartened that Andy is back, but hope to find him his forever home.


Jaz is a law student who is there for a specific dog named Hermie, who had three legs. She saw him online and fell in love, so she is determined to take him home.

Hermie was actually hit by a car, which caused him to have his leg amputated. Jaz, for her part, is looking to feel better while living in LA.

Lisa explains Hermie’s medical needs to Jaz and then lets them bond. She agrees to let them have a trial run before Jaz commits to adoption.

She seems to have issues taking care of the dog and fears this may not work out.

Jaz goes back to talk to Lisa about her struggles, but says it is worth it to see him so happy.

Cue the adoption and photo shoot!



Sofia is a student who is looking for a dog companion for her mom. She wants a well trained, smallish dog so it is easier for her mom to take care of when she isn’t around.

Lisa shows her several dogs meeting her description and needs. Sofia doesn’t seem to find one to her liking, causing one of the workers to compare her to Goldilocks.

At that point, one of the dogs bites one of the workers, who was trying to take him to go potty. After Lisa goes to take care of that, she encourages Sofia to take pictures of the dogs so she and her mom can make a decision together.

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When she comes back, she still cannot find a dog, so Lisa suggests she go to the website and come back if and when she sees one she likes.


She is one of the workers who has come attached to Andy to the point where she tries to talk potential adopters out of taking him.

Although it isn’t something she usually does for staff, Lisa allows Kendall to adopt him.


Luke got over his biting issue and found a forever home, while Hermie and Andy are happy with their new, loving humans.

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