Vanderpump Dogs: Recap for A Paw-Fect Proposal

Vanderpump Dogs: Recap for A Paw-Fect Proposal

Vanderpump Dogs: Recap for A Paw-Fect Proposal

The first episode of Vanderpump Dogs opens with Lisa Vanderpump giving the history of Vanderpump Dogs and how she started it to help give rescued dogs their forever homes. It all began in 2016 and hasn’t slowed down since.

Her staff helps bring in and care for the dogs, while Lisa (and everyone else, of course!) ohhh and ahhh over how cute they are. The staff also shares their experience with animals.


Shannon and Matt arrive in hopes of finding their newest fur baby. Lisa interviews then and shows them some dogs she thinks will be a good fit for them. As they are shown the dogs, we find out their life stories. One of them was injured and left disabled, while another is a fully grown fur baby.

Lisa then allows Shannon and Matt to play with the dogs so they can bond with best. Shannon seems to bond with Mary, who is a cute black and white pup. As she plays, Matt tells Lisa he is planning to propose and have their dog help.

Shannon decides that Larry is her fur baby because they bonded the best and she likes his energy. Lisa says once they do a home check, they will get back to them.


Tracy comes in to find a dog for herself. She already has a dog named Cici that she obsesses over and now wants to give her a sibling.

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As she talks to Lisa, we get more background on the rescue center and the charity work she has done to help save dogs.

Lisa shows Tracy small dogs she think will be compatible with She loves how much Tracy loves Cici, despite how eccentric she may seem.

Lisa shows her Andy, who is a ten-year-old Pomeranian mix. He has several medical problems, but she is willing to help him in any way she can!

After a photo shoot, she gets to take him home!


Shannon and Matt await Larry’s arrival. Little does she know that Matt is planning to propose with the help of Larry, Lisa and Madeline the photographer. As Shannon cuddles  with Larry, Matt asks her to marry him and she says yes. There are tears and hugs as they prepare for their happily ever after.


Both dogs are happy in their new homes with their humans and fur siblings. Larry is preparing to be a ring bearer, while Andy prepares for a life of dress up and photo shoots.


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