ICYMI: Tribeca’s Queen Collective and 8:46 Films

ICYMI: Tribeca's Queen Collective and 8:46 Films

ICYMI: Tribeca’s Queen Collective and 8:46 Films

Yesterday was a big day at the Tribeca Film Festival. In  addition to sharing many amazing films, the festival also shared projects from the Queen Collective and 8:46. Check out the film information below!


Game Changer, directed and produced by Tina Charles, produced Veronique Bernard. (United States) – World Premiere. Tanya DePass, a lifelong Chicagoan and African-American gamer, is determined to make the gaming industry more inclusive for everyone, including people like her.

TVGrapevine says: An incredible story of girl power, determination and a hunger for change. 

Change the Name, directed and produced by Cai Thomas, produced by Donald Conley. (United States) – World Premiere. Student activists and educators from Village Leadership Academy campaign to change the name of a park from a slaveholder to abolitionists Anna Murray and Frederick Douglass in Chicago’s North Lawndale neighborhood.

TVGrapevine says: Powerful, moving story that shows how to fight for what is right.

Black Birth, directed by Haimy Assefa, produced by Dominque Turner. (United States) – World Premiere. Three expectant mothers, including the director, navigate the joys, fears, and complexity of Black motherhood in America.

TVGrapevine says: Eye-opening and compelling. 

A Song of Grace, directed by Arielle Knight, produced by Jamil McGinnis and Jessica Ann Peavy. (United States) – World Premiere. A Song of Grace tells a poetic story about a black mother raising an exceptional young artist.

TVGrapevine says: Simply beautiful!

– 8:46 –

Cupids, directed by Zoey Martinson, produced by Korey Jackson. (United States) – World Premiere. In this playful comedy, three kids worry that their beloved school bus driver will be lonely this summer without them. They set out to find her a partner and imagine the perfect matches. With Melanie Nicholls-King, Toryn Isabella Coote, Scarlett London Diviney, Julius Sampson.

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TVGrapevine says: A sweet, heartwarming story!

She Dreams at Sunrise, directed by Camrus Johnson, produced by Moon Jelly Pictures and Double Plus Productions. (United States) – World Premiere. In this heartwarming animated film, a 70-year-old woman with meningitis lives between her dream world and reality while her great nephew and caretaker helps mend the past.

TVGrapevine says: The must see animated feature of the year.

Pearl and Henry, directed by Gibrey Allen, produced by Greta Hagen-Richardson, Kenneth Reynolds, and Weenta Girmay. (United States) – World Premiere. Pearl and Henry enjoy the simple pleasures of their daily routine. Despite the changing world around them, they find comfort and peace in a connection built on decades of joy, vulnerability, and trust. With Rhonda Johnson Dents and Lance E. Nichols.

TVGrapevine says: A sweet story that shows how to appreciate what is important in life.

Slow Pulse, directed by Marshall Tyler, produced by Moira Griffin, Efuru Flowers and Jeremy Hartman. (United States) – World Premiere. In this moving story of love and dedication, Bernard Brash heals and finds hope by learning how to dance. With Jimmie Fails.

TVGrapevine says: A moving story of hope and triumph.

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