Deliverance Star Ned Beatty Dead at 83

Deliverance Star Ned Beatty Dead at 83

Deliverance Star Ned Beatty Dead at 83

Sad news for Hollywood tonight. Actor Ned Beatty, who is best known for his appearance in Deliverance (where he played a rape victim), has died. He was 83 years old.

The Network actor is said to have died of natural causes at his home, surrounded by friends and family. No other details about his death have been revealed as of press time.

Ned also appeared as Lex Luthor’s sidekick in the 1978 version of Superman, Toy Story 3 as the evil teddy bear Lotso and many other movies, including  Friendly Fire, All the President’s Men, Silver Streak, Back to School, Nashville, The Big Easy, The Toy, 1941, Captain America and Rudy.

He also had an extensive TV career, having appeared on shows such as Roseanne, CSI, The Rockford Files, M*A*S*H and Murder, She Wrote.

Ned is survived by his wife Sandra, eight children and several grandchildren. TVGrapevine sends condolences to his loved ones at this time.

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