(New York, NY – Monday, May 17th, 2021) Broadway Records announced the release of the 2021 studio concept recording of STONE CROSSED, the new musical by Philip David Stern. The recording features performances by Krystina Alabado (Green Day’s American Idiot), Alex Boniello (Dear Evan Hansen), Gabi Campo (The Prom), Antonio Cipriano (Jagged Little Pill), Will Connolly (Once), Telly Leung (Allegiance), Elle McLemore (Heathers: The Musical), Celia Rose Gooding (Jagged Little Pill), Jon Rua (Hamilton) and Samantha Williams (Dear Evan Hansen). The album will be available on Friday, May 21st wherever digital music is sold and on


It’s the Stone Age, and the land of Arkose is divided into two sides by a fault line. Following the teachings from their ancestors and paintings on cave walls, each believes that the other is dangerous, and so stay away from each other; keeping to their own side. STONE CROSSED tells the story of two young lovers whose lives are changed forever when they inadvertently cross the divide. Falling instantly in love, Stoney & Jewel discover that they are more the same than they are different, despite what they had been taught to believe and start to question what has been painted in stone.

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Will these stone-crossed lovers choose a shorter life together over a longer life apart?

The recording of STONE CROSSED stars Krystina Alabado, Alex Boniello, Gabi Campo, Antonio Cipriano, Will Connolly, Telly Leung, Elle McLemore, Celia Rose Gooding, Jon Rua and Samantha Williams. Also appearing on the recording are Emma Blatt, Hannah Bonnett, Emma Claye, Max Chlumecky, Jonny Cortes, Mitchell Torres, Emma Lord, Matt Piper, Leonard Rose and Drew Ross Springer-Miller.


“In 2019 there was a workshop production of this show presented by Proctor’s Theater,” says STONE CROSSED creator Philip David Stern. “The response to the show was very positive and when a fan of the show excitedly asked where they could listen to the music, it occurred to me that the answer was ‘nowhere.’ I have dedicated many years creating, producing and touring original live musicals and, as surprising as it may seem, STONE CROSSED is the first time my theater music is available to listen to beyond the theater. The album began pre-pandemic with sessions in NYC, and on March 9th, 2020 I had my last in-person session, and embarked on completing the rest of the album remotely. From Canada to LA, Tennessee to Texas, ten recording studios and over 25 incredibly gifted artists and engineers later, I am grateful to share my somewhat utopian vision of a world in which asking the hard questions leads to love.”


STONE CROSSED 2021 Studio Concept Recording Track Listing 

1. In Stone  – Fossil & Ensemble (featuring Will Connolly)

2. Just Out of Reach – Stoney (featuring Antonio Cipriano)

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3. How I Keep My Cool -Tuff & Ensemble (featuring Telly Leung & Antonio Cipriano)

4. Nothing in Common – Jewel & Peg (featuring Krystina Alabado, Hannah Bonnett & Gabi Campo)

5. A Father’s Job – Obsidean & Stoney (featuring Jon Rua & voice of Antonio Cipriano)

6. Lost – Stoney and Jewel (featuring Antonio Cipriano & Krystina Alabado)

7. Just Like Normal – Basalt & Feldspar/Stoney & Tuff (featuring Mitchell Torres, Jonny Cortes, Matt Piper & Leonard Rose)

8. Wanderer – Jewel & Peg (featuring Samantha Williams & Gabi Campo)

9. Me Without You – Tuff (featuring Alex Boniello)

10. Magma Drama – Chert, Hali & Tuff (featuring Gabi Campo, Samantha Williams & Leonard Rose)

11. I Can’t Wait To See You – Stoney and Jewel (featuring Antonio Cipriano & Krystina Alabado)

12. Cave Rock – Ensemble (featuring Antonio Cipriano & Samantha Williams)

13. That Dress – Peg, Basalt & Feldspar (featuring Elle McLemore)

14. Walk Away With Me – Stoney & Jewel (featuring Antonio Cipriano & Krystina Alabado)

15. Fossil’s Joinin’ Tune – Fossil & Jewel (featuring Will Connolly & Samantha Williams)

16. If I Can Sleep – Jewel (featuring Celia Rose Gooding)

17. Discovering You – Tuff & Peg (featuring Elle McLemore & Telly Leung)

18. Euphoria – Stoney (featuring Antonio Cipriano)

19. Breathe – Stoney (featuring Antonio Cipriano)

20. Discovering – Ensemble (featuring Gabi Campo, Alex Boniello, Leonard Rose, Hannah Bonnett & Jonny Cortes)

21. Celebrate – Ensemble (featuring Antonio Cipriano & Samantha Williams)

22. Walk Away With Me Finale – Ensemble (featuring Antonio Cipriano, Samantha Williams & Alex Boniello)

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STONE CROSSED is Mixed by Philip David Stern and assisted by Chris Gilroy and Mastered by Joe Lambert.


Connect with STONE CROSSED:

Instagram: @stonecrossedmusical TikTok: @stonecrossedmusical Twitter: @stonecrossed

Facebook: /stonecrossedmusical    YouTube: Stone Crossed

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