Music Spotlight: Dom Cotton

Music Spotlight: Dom Cotton
Tell me a bit about how your career began.
I started my career as a full time musician, performing up and down the East Coast of Australia at pubs, bars and other establishments. I then went to university and achieved a  Bachelor’s Degree from the Australian Institute of Music majoring in voice. However, like most cities music doesn’t really pay the bills so I entered into the real estate and property industries. That of which I was heavily involved in until May last year when the pandemic first reared its ugly head. Music has always been the burning passion and the pandemic allowed me to revisit it and I haven’t looked back!
-What are some of your proudest accomplishments so far?
Releasing my debut single and video clip “Get Me Outta Here” through all the major online music distributors. Recording in the throes of the pandemic was no easy feat with restrictions and lockdowns etc.. that coupled with self doubt and some personal demons! However I rolled the dice, released it and am extremely happy with the response! 
-Do you write all original material? If so, who influences you as a writer/artist?
I do, yes! Most of which I collaborate with a very talented poet/lyricist from the UK, “Gaynor Fischer”. I met her on social media around March 2020 and we have since written over 20 songs together! My influences are very broad but mainly, Elton John, Queen, Elvis, INXS, Bee Gees (just to name a few).
-Who are some people/companies you want to collaborate with?, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Calvin Harris, Mark Ronson…Easy enough right??? ?
-What’s next for you? anything new and exciting in the works?
Well being able to get back into the studio to record my full album! First I have to cull down all the songs we’ve written to about 11-12 for the album! It’s going to be hard because they are my babies!!! However exciting at the same time!
-Tell me a surprising, fun fact about yourself.
I have stretchy skin!!! No joke…
-What are you watching on TV these days?
 Well considering we are in lockdown want aren’t I watching? There is nothing left! Ideas and suggestions would be warmly welcomed!
-Where can people learn more about you?
On the following:
– Instagram – @domcotton1 
– Facebook – @domcottonm
– Youtube –
-Anything else you want to tell America?
Australians do not drink Fosters!!! 
I want to get over to the states so bad!!! Obviously with Covid it’s difficult! Please sneak me in, I will pay handsomely!!!
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