Sammi's Favorite Things: Park Perfection

Sammi’s Favorite Things: Park Perfection

Sammi’s Favorite Things: Park Perfection

I am a huge skincare fanatic….every time a new product comes out, I have to try it. Moisturizers, serums, eye creams, I love it all! However, as much as I love trying these new products, there are several that just end up collecting dust in my bathroom because I am either allergic to them or they simply do not work. Not only does this cause a clutter problem, but it also makes my skin and wallet very sad.

However, all that changed when I discovered Park Perfection. They are the creators of the 2-in-1 instant eye lift that help make your eyes look younger and fresher. It is affordable and most importantly, gives the best, quickest results! Check out more details below!


Park Perfection is a dermatologist-owned and operated skin care line. Board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Alan J. Parks, founded Park Perfection after 30 years in the skin care industry. After seeing and speaking to thousands of patients over the years about their skin care concerns, Dr. Parks realized that there were areas where the skin care market was lacking. He developed Park Perfection to meet the unmet needs of his patients & customers and bring them the products they’ve always wanted but had never been able to find.

Alan’s wife, Robin, and their two kids, Jason and Stefanie, run the day-to-day operations of Park Perfection. From customer service to order management to marketing, the Parks family handles it all. Growing up around skin care, Jason and Stefanie gained experience that allowed them to become skin consultants and help Dr. Parks in his quest to provide patients with the products they were looking for.

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Park Perfection provides scientifically developed formulas that are robust and encourage skin health. We use concentrations of ingredients that are meaningful and give results, while avoiding ingredients to make the products as clean as possible.

This is a line of products developed specifically for our patients and patients throughout the country. Allow us to be your guides to skin perfection.

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