ICYMI: Punky Brewster Recap for Making Room for Izzy

ICYMI: Punky Brewster Recap for Making Room for Izzy

PUNKY BREWSTER -- "Making Room for Izzy" Episode 102 -- Pictured: (l-r) Soleil Moon Frye as Punky Brewster, Freddie Prinze Jr. as Travis -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/Peacock)

ICYMI: Punky Brewster Recap for Making Room for Izzy

The episode opens with everyone asleep and Punky  (Soleil Moon Frye) falling out of bed because Izzy is moving around. She goes to sleep on the floor, but Izzy (Quinn Copeland) tells her to shush so she can sleep.


The next morning, Punky says she is making pancakes, but then says she isn’t because she poured her coffee on the griddle.


Diego  (Noah Cottrell) and Daniel are fighting as they come into the kitchen. Punky notices that Diego’s voice has changed and he denies it, even though it squeaks.


Daniel (Oliver De Los Santos) says Izzy is in his seat and she apologizes and moves. Punky says there are no assigned seats, but he thinks otherwise. He is even more upset when he sees that his CocoWheat cereal only has wheat. Diego tells him it is no big deal, until he freaks out over the bacon being gone.


Hannah  (Lauren Lindsey Donzis) comes in and does Izzy’s hair when Travis (Freddie Prinze Jr.) comes in, saying he got a 911 text from the kids. It turns out it is over the bacon. Punky is getting more and more annoyed and asks Travis to take Izzy to school. He says he can do the dad thing and help since he is not on tour. Punky reminds him that he is a dad.


Travis goes to take Izzy to school and she says Punky gets her donuts on the way. He says this is not his first rodeo.

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Cherie (Cherie Johnson)  is over helping Punky fold laundry. Punky fills her in on everything, including her mom calling. Cherie is shocked Punky didn’t tell her about it and the whole story comes spilling out. She isn’t sure what she is going to do, so they hug it out. Punky then decides to do something special for Izzy.


Diego and Daniel walk home, complaining about the changes at home. They walk in to see Punky working on a dresser for Izzy, not even noticing the boys are home. This leads to them becoming more jealous and upset.


Izzy gets her dresser and loves it because she has never had one of her own before. However, Punky wants her to have a room and asks the kids to share. They begin to argue over it, so Punky sends Izzy into her room so they can discuss what to do. The kids want their own rooms and a bigger place.


Later that day, Punk y tells the kid her real estate friend found them a place and tells them to get into the car. However, she makes them stay in the car all night to appreciate what they have. The kids (except Izzy) complain, so she takes away their electronics and begins to sing.


The complaining continues when Travis comes to see what is going on. He says he got a 911 text from Hannah and Punky explains what is going on. They go outside to talk some more and Travis decides to join them.

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Hannah says he is supposed to be the cool parent, but he agrees that they need to listen to their mom. Izzy says she is used to sleeping in cars and that she never thought it would happen again. Punky says she remembers her own days of sleeping in cars until she found Henry.


The kids had no idea she did that and begin to realize how selfish they have been. They agree to do better, with Daniel being a good big brother and Hannah agreeing to share her room. Punky says they can go inside, but they decide to stay in the car a little longer, listening to music and looking at the stars.


The episode ends with everyone cuddling on the couch and Izzy happy to share a room with Hannah.


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