ICYMI: Punky Brewster Recap for Looking For Love And A Hat

ICYMI: Punky Brewster Recap for Looking For Love And A Hat

ICYMI: Punky Brewster Recap for Looking For Love And A Hat

The episode opens with Daniel (Oliver De Los Santos), Izzy (Quinn Copeland) and Diego (Noah Cottrell) eating chips and salsa. Daniel complains about Diego double dipping. Izzy points out that they are eating it off his belly, while Diego says that he is looking for his gum.


Punky  (Soleil Moon Frye) and Hannah  (Lauren Lindsey Donzis) walk into the room, telling them about the rummage sale at Fenster Hall. They are all supposed to find things to donate, but Punky gets distracted by belly salsa. She finds the gum and blows a bubble. Hannah says she is the adult in the room and asks them to focus on getting ready for the sale.


Diego doesn’t want to donate stuff, but Daniel has a bunch of stuff at the ready. He even has boxes of Diego’s stuff to donate, saying he has been waiting to do this for awhile.


Izzy is upset she has nothing to donate, so she tries to donate the hand turkey she made Punky. This makes Punky sad because she says hi to him whenever she gets a snack. Izzy says it is a girl and Punky says she sees the bra the turkey is wearing.


Later on, Punky is doing a photoshoot, where she hits it off with the musician (Troy Garity). He actually worked with Travis and is glad she is single.

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At the sale, Diego keeps trying to keep his clothes, while Izzy shows Hannah around Fenster Hall. While this is happening, Cherie (Cherie Johnson)and Punky talk about the musician, whose name is Jesse. Cherie teases her about being with another musician, but Punky is glad they are flirting and that things are going well. They decide to go to his show together.


Hannah yells at Diego, who keeps trying to get Daniel to help him use the bathroom.


Izzy helps sell stuff by using her cuteness and charm….as well as con artistry.


That night, Travis (Freddie Prinze Jr.) comes over with clothes for the sale, even though it is too late. Hannah goes through the pile and making them her own….much to Travis’s chagrin. He finds out about Punky’s date and is a bit jealous.


Izzy comes in, all upset because her beloved hat is missing. It is nowhere in the house, so Punky tells her they will check with the people at the sale to see if it got mixed up in there. Izzy is heartbroken because it was the last thing she got from her father.


Cherie and Punky go to the show, armed with earplugs.  The bartender gives them drinks from a woman, who happens to be Cherie’s girlfriend Lauren (Jasika Nicole). They go out to dance and watch Jesse sing. However, Punky is freaked out by his guitar face.


The next day, everyone is still looking for the hat, which is still missing. Izzy is upset, so Punky tells her about the time Henry accidentally threw out her doll. She says she never got the doll back, but still has the memories of her mom. She gives Izzy the Cubs hat Henry gave her, even though Izzy is a Sox fan.

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Travis comes over and sees that Hannah reconstructed his new jacket. He is upset, but Punky insists he loves it.


Travis plays a new song for Punky, which  she says she likes. He says he wrote it in five seconds and played it to prove that Punky was faking it. This leads to them talking about Jesse and agreeing that they can talk about their new relationships. However, Travis says that was him faking it this time.


Diego, Daniel and Hannah buy a new hat and ‘destroy’ it to give to Izzy. However, while she is happy about it, she knows it isn’t the real one because it is missing her dad’s name. She says it means a lot to her, but in a different way.


Brandy comes out of his doghouse….holding Izzy’s hat. It turns out he was using it as a chew toy (or teaching a lesson about getting go) and Izzy is thrilled to have it back. She decides to keep both hats to represent new and old memories.


Later on, Punky telling Travis that it didn’t work out with Jesse. Travis says that Jesse told him she has feelings for him, but Punky assures him  she said it to spare his feelings.


The episode ends with Izzy giving Punky a new turkey. Travis wants one too, but she says she is an artist, not a machine. He asks Punky why she let Izzy sell the turkey. It turns out she bought it, making Izzy very happy.



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