Sammi’s Favorite Things: Make Your Mark by Adam Cola

Sammi's Favorite Things: Make Your Mark by Adam Cola

Sammi’s Favorite Things: Make Your Mark by Adam Cola

One of my amazing friends, Adam Cola has released a new video for his hit single Make Your Mark. The video gives a wonderful visual of the meaning behind the song and will make fans fall even more in love than ever before!


Official music video release for Make Your Mark”– The “Make Your Mark” music video  is an infectious, poppy dance anthem that tells the story of all-too-familiar situations for those who want to break free from feeling non-accepted by the world around them. The video tells the story of Adam as a child and how through self-acceptance he was empowered to shamelessly accept all parts of his identities. The video is geared to be a beacon of hope for those who aren’t able to be themselves due to their family situations. 


“Make Your Mark” is also the title track off Adam’s first solo album. It’s a preview of what’s to come, illustrating the overall theme of the upcoming record. 


WHEN:          Thursday, January 29, 2021


WHERE:       Worldwide 


ABOUT:        Adam Cola is a singer, songwriter, dancer and activist originally from Montreal, Canada who champions individuality. By living his truth through his craft he hopes to be a beacon of light for people who struggle with self-acceptance and empower them on their journey of shamelessly embracing all parts of their identities. Cola lives in Los Angeles and enjoys living an active lifestyle. He also is an active ally to the BLM movement and enjoys giving back by volunteering regularly with organizations such as Dogs Without Borders and JQ LA.

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