Celebrity Spotlight: Jacqueline Scislowski

Jacqueline Scislowski has been wowing audiences for years as Zoey on Power Rangers Beast Morphers. She has also been in several other TV shows and short films, showing off a great range of talent.

Now the twenty-year-old beauty is starring in a brand new role for one of Lifetime’s newest movies. Cheer Camp Killer is set to premiere this weekend and Jacqueline will be shining like there is no tomorrow with her incredible portrayal of Charlotte.

In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, she revealed some secrets from the movie and her life. See the highlights below!


1. Although Jacqueline did not have much cheerleading experience, she did poms (cheer/dance team) and dance throughout her youth, which helped her throughout the movie. She was trained in several forms of dance, but mostly focused on hip hop.

As for Charlotte’s personality, she loved that she got to be the comic relief and didn’t have to face some of the things that her rival Sophia does.


2. While she enjoyed playing the role, there were a few small challenges. The movie was filmed at a fast pace, so she had to be ready for anything, including doing six hours of dance and cheering, and always looking good on camera. Most days, everyone was up at six am in the grueling sun, so they had to make sure everything was done correctly and in sync with one another to keep on schedule.


3. So what attracted her to the role? Jacqueline says she loved Charlotte’s personality and spunk because it was so different than what she is used to playing on Power Rangers. She says Charlotte is her spirit animal, especially when she read one relatable line in the movie….stay tuned to see which one it is!

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She also enjoyed the fact that she was able to combine her love of dancing and acting in one project.


4.Now that this movie is getting ready to air, Jacqueline is getting ready for her next big projects. She has another Lifetime movie in the works and is focusing on her college education. She has yet do decide on a major, but thinks she would like to focus on Nutrition.


5. Fans would be surprised to know that she loves to do impressions of celebrities in a blue suit she calls The Blueberry Suit. Some of her favorite people to impersonate are Jack Black, Jim Carrey and Robert DeNiro’s famous movie scenes. These fun moments can be found on her official Instagram page.


Keep checking back for more news on Jacqueline!

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