QuaranTeam: Bobby and Greg

Bobby Chase and Greg Aidala are two of the most powerful, positive men in show business today. They are using their talents for good and helping people remain positive during these uncertain times. They are everything we never thought we needed and the perfect duo to make us smile. In short, they are our new TV besties.

In a recent interview with TVGrapevine,  the two of them revealed that they are relying on Zoom to do their projects, which includes a show called QuaranTeam. The show can be seen on YouTube and is kind of like ‘The Office’ on steroids. Each episode is 2-5 minutes long and is meant to help people relax and laugh. Their team works well together an it is actually easier for them to get episodes done because people are alway

s available. They feel blessed to have a wonderful team to help them make the show possible and hope to continue doing more shows. 

The two of them are also the men behind Welcome Home, which has two seasons on Amazon Prime. It is another project they enjoyed doing and they hope that they can film more seasons in the future. However, they are grateful for the time they have had so far and enjoyed filming and traveling for the show.

The best thing about these men though, is who they are as people. Both Greg and Bobby have incredible, engaging personalities and sweet, loving souls. They remain positive about everything and exude joy in everything that they do. It is obvious they take great pride in their work and it is obvious not only in what we see, but their reactions when they discuss their work. They are two people I greatly admire and can happily call friends. I wish them the best in all they do in the future.

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