Celebrity Spotlight: Max Talisman

Max Talisman is a powerful force of nature. His personality is engaging and he is perhaps one of the most animated, effervescent people I have met in a long time. He is also hardworking, kind and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face after one conversation. 

The multi-talented man, who was most recently seen in Blacklist, has a new project coming out called Things Like This. The movie, which tells the story of two people with the same name falling in love and the adventures they face, is set to be released soon.  The movie, which he wrote and starred in, is also his directorial debut, showing off his triple threat of power.

In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, Max said this movie is a love letter to NYC and a character in itself. It is a project he is very proud of and one he is looking forward to sharing with the world. He credits co-star Eric Roberts for the comparison, which led to him showing off his favorite places and how special it is to him. 

However, he admits there were some challenges! He says it was scary and risky doing each part and focus on each part when needed. (When it was time to act,direct etc.) Max did say that he actually ended up becoming more of a team leader than a director because he ended up working and accepting help and advice from others working in the movie.

So what else is he up to? He is not only starring in the new season of Search Party, but he also has a small part in Marry Me, with Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson and Sarah Silverman. 

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Max will continue to succeed in anything he does, due to his talent and work ethic. However, he will be remembered due to his heart and how he treats others, making him even more successful in his own special way. 

Photographer: Bobby Quillard
Groomer: Arlene Willis

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