The Bachelor Finale Recap Part 1: Who Is Barbara Crying Over?

The bachelor

Tonight is part one of The Bachelor finale on ABC. Apparently, no one knows how Peter’s love story will end…..not even Peter. How is this even possible? We are about to find out. 

Chris Harrison channels Phil Donahue as per usual and tells us this is going to be two nights of twists, turns and controversy. 

Before we get to all that, Peter gives his family a recap about his journey….the good, the bad and the fact that he and Madi didn’t get a fantasy suite date because of her beliefs. He says it was a good thing, but his parents aren’t so sure.  Peter values their opinion and plans to take it all into consideration when making his choice. 

Hannah Ann is the first to meet his family. She is excited and nervous,but is greeting with open arms. As Hannah Ann talks to the Webers, Peter cuddles with her and kisses her. She says all the right things and Barbara says she sees herself in Hannah Ann. The two ladies have a heart to heart and it is really sweet. Barbara wants her to remain positive and says that she sees hope much she loves her son.

Hannah Ann also talks to Peter’s father, Peter Senior. It is basically the same conversation and he tells her that they seem compatible. 

The men also talk and it is obvious Peter is confused. His dad tells him it will come,but this is a big decision. 

Everyone says goodbye and Peter remains confused.

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Madi meets Peter’s family again the next day. Peter is in love with her, and he will do whatever it takes to make it work. However, she is still PO’ed at him. She says that she never asked him for anything and she was very hurt that he was disrespectful. 

He says he hurt her and he is sorry, but he feels as if he doesn’t know how she feels. He tries to defend his actions and she still feels disrespected. They both seem to want to defend themselves, but it is coming off so poorly on both sides.  However,  I get wanting to be met halfway.

They talk about it some more and seem to have some sweet moments and I am so confused!!!! Now they are willing to work it out. GAH, this has me all over the place. 

At his parents house, they discuss what happened and how they want to work things out, but they sense there is a strain.

Madi tells Peter’s parents she has faith things will work out. However, they aren’t so sure. Barbara questions her and she gets a bit sassy, saying her feelings are just as valid as Peter’s. 

Did Barb really tell her to let go of her standards? Did I hear that correctly?

Peter’s brother reminds him that if he chooses Madi there will be no premarital sex. He wonders if they are compatible and Peter assures him that they are, but he will have to compromise part of himself. Jack just sees a lot of red flags. 

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WOW, that was awkward. Barb tells Peter Madi is not there for him. She prayed about this and thinks Hannah Ann is the right choice. 

Peter talks it over with his family and Barb tells him to bring Hannah Ann home and we now have that mystery solved as to who she was crying over.

Peter thinks it sucks that they don’t support how he feels about Madi. He loves Madi and thinks she is the one. 

He says he sees her at the end of his journey as they meet for their final date. They have a romantic helicopter tour and it is pretty sweet. However, now she is questioning everything. She thinks it is time to surrender. 

They toast to their journey and continue to talk and she BREAKS UP WITH HIM.  She feels like it isn’t right even though she loves him….and YOU GO MADI PREWETT! I’m so glad she did what was right for her. I am sad Peter is hurt, but I understand her decision. 

The next morning, he is still in shock, so he talks it out with Chris. He gets that they are different, but he did love her and is filled with different emotions. 

Hannah Ann is all excited for her date and….oh honey…..

They see baby kangaroos on their date and it is so cute. 

Wow, now he is all about Hannah Ann? :HEADDESK::

She loves him and hopes he is certain of his feelings. The two of them talk later that day and he admits that he is feeling confused. She says this is not what she wants to hear and it hurts because she IS so in love. They kind of leave it open ended….until tomorrow night. 

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