Sammi’s Favorite Things: Rose Water

Spring is here, which means we are heading into the season of BBQs, parties and other fun events. This means having various food and drink on hand, which is fun to plan, but sometimes difficult if you want something different on the menu.

Enter Rosé Water. Just 69 calories, it is a light refreshing way to get your drink on guilt free. It is a great mix of Rosé wine and seltzer, perfect for girl’s nights, dinners and any other event for the ladies!

More info:

Rosé Water was born out of a desire to have a light, refreshing beverage that was also clean (no extra junk!) and easily transportable for the active lifestyle. Wine enthusiasts Rob and Amy Kuchar spent nearly two years creating the perfect blend; sampling more than 40 wines from a half dozen countries until they found the one.

Setting out to test their newly-created sparkling water Rosé concoction, Rosé Water launched quietly in its hometown of Wilmington, N.C. in September 2019. Within a week, 55 cases had been sold by the town’s first retail partner. It was an immediate success!

Today, Rosé Water can be found in hundreds of retailers along the east coast and Midwest, including Harris Teeter, Lowes Foods, Binny’s, and dozens of local, independent bottle shops.

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