Sammi’s Favorite Things: Calm

Do you have trouble sleeping? Suffer from anxiety? There is a new solution to help ease both, thanks to Phoebe Smith.

Phoebe Smith is the world’s leading “extreme sleep adventurer” — who sleeps atop mountains, inside tree-trunks and glaciers.

A writer whose calming stories send millions across the globe to sleep each month, Smith has now been appointed the world’s FIRST “Sleep Storyteller-in-Residence” by a sleep and mediation app, Calm. – is launching a unique “Sleep Story Collection” of Smith’s soothing audio tales – the first writer to get such a showcase.

Sleep Stories – or bedtime stories for grown-ups – are sleep-inducing audio tales that mix words, music, mindfulness and sound-effects to help adult listeners wind down and drift off to sleep.

Calm describes Smith as the “The JK Rowling of Slow Literature”, the world’s fastest-growing new literary genre.

“It’s a totally different kind of writing to anything I’ve ever done. And that’s why I like it. With most kinds of writing I’m trying to build the tension – but here I’m doing the opposite. Anything exciting needs to go right at the start and then it’s all about winding people down, while also encouraging their imagination to play.”

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