Bachelor Colton Underwood Discusses Past Bullying

Former Bachelor Colton Underwood Comes Out As Gay

Former Bachelor Colton Underwood is opening up for the first time about his life before The Bachelor and how he was bullied as a child.

“I had a little bit of PTSD,” Underwood told PEOPLE about watching Peter Weber’s season. “It brought up a lot of emotions.”

During his own time on the show, where he fell in love with Cassie Randolph, he was forced to face his lifelong issues with insecurity and anxiety.

He also discuss these issues in his new book, The First Time, set to be released next week.

“There are a lot of stories and experiences that will help people understand the choices I’ve made,” says Underwood. “And I’m done hiding who I really am.”

The bullying began in elementary school when he was bullied for his weight, looks and abstinence, which led to rumors about his sexuality.

“I was called fatso, four eyes and four lips, because I used to lick my lips, so I would constantly have a red ring around them,” says Underwood. “I was a little heavy, and that, combined with being socially awkward, led to a really hard time. I didn’t believe in myself. And I was super insecure.”

Underwood was also in the news recently when he revealed he is suffering from coronavirus.

Credit PEOPLE:

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