PBS Call The Midwife Christmas Special

Call the midwife

CALL THE MIDWIFE Holiday Special (2019) premieres on Wednesday, December 25, 9:00-10:30pm ET on PBS (check local listings)


Mother Mildred and the Nonnatus House team go to the Outer Hebrides in response to a nursing shortage. Navigating the terrain, they strive to keep up with the needs of the locals.


As Christmas approaches, a bout of influenza sweeps through both Nonnatus House and the Turner family. When Mother Mildred declares that God is calling her to set up a branch house in the Outer Hebrides, it seems an ideal opportunity for the nuns and midwives to convalesce in the bracing, Scottish fresh air. As they recover, they will also be able to help the island where there is a nursing and doctor shortage. Much to Violet’s frustration, Mother Mildred enlists Fred to drive them all.

Sister Monica Joan associates the Outer Hebrides with St Eustace’s White Stag, a symbol of Christ and is thrilled at the idea of travelling there. However, she soon discovers to her annoyance that she is being left behind with Sister Hilda and Sister Frances.

Within a week Dr Turner, Shelagh, Mother Mildred, Trixie, Sister Julienne, Valerie, Lucille and Fred set off on their journey to the Outer Hebrides, where they are to stay in a freezing cold, converted church.  As the team set about establishing an antenatal clinic and treating the local population, they must battle not only the weather and bleak terrain, but the suspicions of some of the islanders.

Meanwhile, in Poplar, Reggie has come home for Christmas and finds one of Violet’s presents for him: the Guinness World’s Records Book. Inspired by the triumphs of others, Reggie decides that he too will try to break a World record.  


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