Celebrity Spotlight: Brandon Wartle

Brandon Wartle is a force of nature who is talented, handsome and an overall positive person. His latest movie Stay Out Alive was released last month and is slowly but surely gaining attention on Amazon Prime. In short, he is a star of his own estimation.

In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, the actor discussed how this movie has been a project thatt the director has been working on it for over ten years and everyone is excited to see it finally come to fruition. 

In the movie, Brandon plays Reese, who is a part of a group of friends who get trapped in a mine while hiking. While he did not give too much away about what happens (some things are meant to be surprises!),he did say that his character was one of the bad guys. It was a very different role for him and one that he found to be very physical and fun.  He admits it was a challenge,but he did enjoy it, calling it a rewarding experience. Some interesting moments included getting poison oak and dealing with a lot of water and mud during the (many) night shoots.

So what is next for this handsome star? He revealed that he does have two interesting projects in the works. One is geared toward the LGBT community and the other is based on the life story of his great grandmother’s life. He believes her story is amazing and cannot wait to share it with the world. No matter what though, he will continue to succeed as both an actor and an amazing, loving person! 

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