Majda of Olen Skincare Interviewed

 Majda Ficko of Olen Skincare talks to TVGrapevine about developing a life changing skincare line inspired by her son Demitri.

Tell me a bit about your skincare line.

Olen Skin Care was originally created to market a cream called Baby Butz.

Baby Butz cream was developed by a mom for her disabled child’s sensitive skin issues. After seeing the amazing results Doctors encouraged her to make it available so it can help others.

Olen’s  focus is on developing the best natural skin care products for baby’s, children and adults.

Olen Skin Care Corporation all-natural products are safer and more effective than the big commercial brands.

Today’s consumers are searching globally for products without harmful chemicals for use on their babies and themselves.

It takes just 26 seconds for the chemicals in your personal care products to be absorbed into your bloodstream.

Olen Cosmetics mission is to make products “Safe for you, Safe for your Children”

What made you decide to develop it?

Demitri, my first son, was born with a very rare syndrome, Cornelia de Lange, that left him severely mentally and physically disabled.

Demitri’s syndrome leaves him highly susceptible to infections. Especially diaper rashes, all it took was 15 minutes of skin contact with the urine and stool for a rash to start, any longer and the skin would break open and bleed leaving the possibility of secondary infections or sepsis. We had monthly standing prescriptions of antibiotics at the pharmacy and when they didn’t help it was another rush to the hospital.

As a mom it is difficult to see your child in pain. It was heartbreaking just looking at his poor bum that always looked like raw hamburger and not to be able find a way to help him. I was frazzled and my son was always in pain. I became determined to find a solution to his repeated diaper rashes. Nothing that I bought worked on him. so I decided to make the product myself.

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I hired a Research Chemist and along with information from Demitri’s doctors,  pharmacists and chemists   it still took two years with formulations and experimentations to make something that was safe and actually worked for Demitri’s skin rashes.

What was the biggest challenge in developing it?

My focus was to not only create a cream that I could use on my son that was going to actually help protect his skin but it needed to be free from chemicals and ingredients that could harm him.  I wanted to make sure the product was both safe and effective.

What are its benefits?

Baby Butz cream is the safest and most effective diaper rash treatment available without a prescription.

The cream provides a complete barrier that can last over 12 hours and can heal most rashes in 4-6 hours…using only natural ingredients.

The cream had to do two jobs: it had to stay on the skin to prevent and it had to heal at the same time especially if the skin has already begun to break down.

I was only testing it on Demitri—after all, I was making the cream for him.

Because of this miracle cream we had fewer visits to the doctor’s office and stopped taking antibiotics. His skin was healed around his G-Tube site and most importantly, there were no more diaper rashes and runs to the hospital.

 What is one skincare product everyone should use?

There is not just one skin care product everyone should use. Olen Skin Care makes products that help skin issues. Our products are Baby Butz cream, Supraderm cream and Sunblocz sunscreens and we are continually developing natural skin care products for a variety of skin related issues.

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If your child has any type of skin rash..then Baby Butz cream will help. If you are an adult with skin rash issues..then our Supraderm cream  or Baby Butz cream will help.

Our Sunblocz 100% natural mineral sunscreens will protect both children’s and adults skin while also protecting the environment.

Where can people buy this line?

In the USA on and (so far)

Also through our website.

In Canada…All major grocery and pharmacy chains, baby boutiques and

Anything else you want to share about it?

Three points if interest.

1) I never intended to sell Baby Butz cream, I only developed it to help my son. It was Demitri’s doctors that encouraged me to sell the cream so that it may help other parents and their children

2) I side branded the product and called it Supraderm for adults…its used for all types of skin rashes…from eczema, cold sores, hemorrhoids, small cuts and scrapes…We are going into clinical trials for its use on Shingles rash…6 patients so far have shown rashes healed in 5-8 days instead of the usual 5-8 weeks

3) Watch our Sunblocz sunscreens for soon to be released important global news and information.

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