I’m Listening Host Anita Flores Interviewed

I’m Listening host Anita Flores talks to TVGrapevine about her Frasier-inspired podcast.


Tell me about yourself. 

I’m a comedian and video producer living in New York City.  Growing up in suburbia, I didn’t participate in any extra curricular activities after school. Instead, I watched TV. I also didn’t have cable, which is why I have such a deep love for sitcoms that came out between 1994 and 2005.

How did you come up with the idea for your podcast?

I knew if I had a podcast, it had to be about TV and about something I knew A LOT about. I thought about shows I loved that didn’t already have podcasts about them. I’d been watching ‘Frasier’ while it was on, then in syndication, and then on Netflix. Alas, the podcast ‘Im Listening’ was born. The name of my podcast comes from the character Frasier’s signature line that he did for his radio show ‘The Dr. Frasier Crane Show.’

How did you become a fan of Frasier?

My mom watched it, therefore I watched it. A lot of my film/TV favorites are inspired by my mom’s taste including Hitchcock films, The Birdcage, Seinfeld, and St. Elsewhere. She liked to tape St. Elsewhere on VHS and rewatch the episodes. Having to tape stuff on VHS AND rewind? So much work! In my opinion, having to record on VHS was a really good system to figure out just how much you liked a show.

What is your favorite episode?

“The Ski Lodge.” I consider it to be one of the best episodes of television I’ve ever seen of ANY sitcom. The farcical way in which plot lines come together in this episode is almost mathematical. All the lust, comically slammed doors, Guy the handsome (secretly gay) ski instructor…it’s all perfect.

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Which character do you relate to the most and why?

Niles. He’s anxious and he yearns for someone he can’t have (at least for the first 7 seasons). Many of my ‘I’m Listening’ guests say Niles. If you were ever in middle school, high school, college, or tried to date in New York City, you’ve been a Niles.

What is the biggest challenge about the podcast?

Trying to engage non ‘Frasier’ watchers. I aspire to be at the level of one of my favorite podcasts, ‘How Did This Get Made?’ I often listen to HDTGM even when I haven’t seen the movie because I just like to hear the hosts and their guests banter.

What do you hope people like about it?

I’d like to think the combination of great guests, witty banter, and my soothing voice will be enough to draw non “Crane-iacs” in, too. Listen to me before bed, I’ll help you relax!

What else are you working on?

I’m actually working on developing another podcast with my friend Sandrine called ‘Perfect Strangers’. We met at a party and realized we wanted to make the same podcast. My dad was diagnosed with dementia, and I’ve learned a lot since becoming his caretaker. Sandrine has been a social worker for over 10 years. We both want to connect with an audience of people struggling to navigate the often-confusing healthcare system. We’re been bringing in experts in their fields and a diverse group of people who have dealt with challenges, to offer advice and to share their experiences dealing with health and financial issues.

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Tell me a fun fact about yourself.

I worked as a cheesemonger for 8 years. I know a lot about cheese, which makes me feel very refined and Frasier-esque. I like to play a game with people where I decide what kind of cheese they’d be based on their personality. For example, I’m in my early 30s and my sense of humor is dry. Therefore, I’m a 2 year aged gouda: slightly aged and sharp.

What are you watching on TV these days?

I just binge watched ‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse.’ Besides Frasier, I love horror movies and also have a soft spot for soap operas. In addition to sitcoms, I loved ‘Days of Our Lives’ and ‘Passions’ as a kid. AHS is horror meets soap opera, and that’s the perfect combo for me. I’ve also been watching Bojack Horseman with Spanish subtitles and audio because I’m trying to improve my language skills. Bojack in Spanish is great because I’m less focused on how depressing it can be and more impressed with myself for understanding the jokes in Spanish. Don’t get me wrong, I love Bojack, but I have a hard time watching shows that deal with difficult issues (addiction, trauma, etc). I tend to go for shows that are more of an escape.

Anything else you want to share?

Listen to my podcast and if you like it, please leave a nice comment!

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