The Act’s Ashley Dulaney Talks to TVGrapevine


Ashley Dulaney is talented, beautiful and one of the most personable actresses in Hollywood today. She has been seen in various shows and movies,including Days Of Our Lives, The House Sitter and Scandal and Justified. She may have only been on the scene for ten years,but she has made a mark that has her on her way to becoming the next Reese Witherspoon.

The blonde beauty can now be seen in the Hulu original series The Act,which pairs her with the legendary Patricia Arquette. In a recent interview with TVGrapevine,  Ashley had nothing but good things to say about the entire experience. In the series,she plays a journalist who is investigating the Gypsy Blanchard case, which is based on real events. For her, it was not only an honor to take on such an interesting role, but to also have the chance to work with such an amazing cast. Her favorite part about the entire experience was watching Patricia work. She said that everything she did was captivating, right down to how she moved her hands. She could not quite put it into words,but she thinks fans watching will understand what she means when they watch her on The Act.  

As for what is next? Ashley has some projects in the works, including a passion project that helps tell the story of bloggers and influencers. While she could not give away much on what she is doing, she is very excited to see it come to life and how people react. She also loves taking mermaid classes that allow her to do ‘mermaid’ cosplay for events and enjoy something different in life. 

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Ashley will continue to succeed in everything that’s she does. Her talent and kind heart will make her unforgettable and lead her to becoming a household name for years to come.  

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