Celebrity Spotlight: Alli Chung

Celebrity Spotlight: Alli Chung

Celebrity Spotlight: Alli Chung

Alli Chung is one of the most incredible up and coming stars in Hollywood today. Between her talent, beauty and shining personality, there is no doubt she is a woman that is going places.

She is now starring as Jessie Hooper in the hit series the Hardy Boys, which airs on Hulu. Jessie is the town’s new police chief and Biff’s mom. In a recent exclusive with TVGrapevine, she revealed that this was an incredible role for her to play, especially in this day and age.

“(Jessie Hooper) is the new police chief of Bridgeport who is a woman of color and proud mother,” Alli said during the interview. She went on to say that the season is going to be filled with a lot of adventures and mysteries that fans are going to love….but you will need to tune in to see what it all means!

So how did Alli prepare for the role? One way was by talking to people she knew who were on the police force. While none of them were female, she took that inside knowledge and incorporated it into the character to make it her own. She acknowledged that she appreciated the help she got and hopes it shows through in each episode.

However, the most important thing she has done with this role was become a role model for young women. Jessie is an incredibly powerful woman whose strength as a mother and career woman is something to be admired. Fans will certainly take to her and find her to be positive and look to her as a special kind of superhero.

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