Temptation Island’s Nicole and Karl Talk to TVGrapevine

The reboot of Temptation Island has only been airing for one week, yet it has already been a runaway hit for USA Network. To celebrate the show’s success, TVGrapevine got to talk to Nicole and Karl about their experience on the island.

What made you decide to go on the show?
Karl presented the idea of going to Temptation Island to me and quite honestly, he had to talk me into it. I didn’t think it was an opportunity I would ever put myself in, being an introvert, and I felt as though we were growing a lot in our relationship at the time. I began to discuss more with Karl and saw some positive things that we could get out of going to Temptation Island. I decided to take the risk and go, because I’d rather know if we were truly meant to be together.

Other than the ‘temptation’ what was the biggest challenge about the show?
The biggest challenge about the show was not being able to communicate with my partner and best friend. I also had a hard time being vulnerable and opening up to strangers about my entire life. 

 What did you learn about yourself while doing the show?
During the show, I was able to self-reflect on several different levels. I would say learning to not be dependent on my partner was a big part of it; as well as identifying qualities within my relationships in life that are important for me, and what I strive to find in my relationships with my friends, family and significant other.
 What do you hope the people at home watching learn about relationships?
I hope the people at home watching the episodes realize how important communication is within a relationship. I also hope they realize that relationships take effort, and that it takes two to commit to a relationship and work through every situation you experience in life.

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 Describe your experience in three words.
Eye opening, emotional and self-reflecting. 

 Has your viewpoint on relationships changed since being on the show?
My viewpoint on relationships has changed since being on the show. I think it’s important to stay true to yourself no matter the circumstances you address in life. I am realizing how a relationship is between two people who decide to make it work, sacrifice and commit to one another and you should not allow outside factors to “shake” you! Also, I’ve learned that being vulnerable within your relationships in life can take you to a new level of growth.

 What is a fun fact about yourself that might surprise viewers?
I’ve totaled 4/5 cars I’ve owned! #DontLetMeDrive

 Anything else you would like to share with viewers?
This opportunity was as real as if gets! The cast members are NOT actors and these are REAL relationships that are being tested. 


What made you decide to go on the show?
I decided to go on Temptation Island because I thought it could strengthen my relationship and bring us closer together. We are at a point in our relationship where things are getting more serious and we are trying to figure out what’s next for us. We have both had some concerns of trust in our relationship, so I thought this would be a good opportunity for us to show our loyalty and prove to each other that we can have more trust in each other and resist temptation. I felt confident and hoped that going to Temptation Island would give us the clarity we needed.
Other than the ‘temptation,’ what was the biggest challenge about the show? 
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The biggest challenge for me was not being able to communicate with Nicole.  

What did you learn about yourself while doing the show? 

I learned that I have grown and matured a lot, but still have things I would like to improve on as an individual and in a relationship. 
What do you hope the people at home watching learn about relationships? 
I hope that they realize and learn that no relationship is perfect and that they take true commitment, honesty and sacrifice. I also hope they learn to go at their own pace in a relationship and not rush things because of society’s pressure.  
Describe the experience in three words.  
Wild, fun and eye-opening
Has your viewpoint on relationships changed since being on the show? 
No, my viewpoint hasn’t changed. I still view relationships as challenging, but they are an amazing thing when two people can share something real and special. 
What is a fun fact about yourself that might surprise viewers?
I used to tap dance and stopped about 10 years ago. 
Anything else you would like to share with viewers?
I want the viewers to know that even though this is reality TV, this experience was unscripted and moments we share are real. We all, as couples, have questions in our relationships and realize we are putting a lot at risk to find the answers. I feel it’s better to get answers early on in your relationship vs. years down the road, regardless of how you go about getting them. I appreciate you all for watching and I hope you continue to tune in and follow our journey on Temptation Island.

Temptation Island airs Tuesdays on USA Network. Check your local listings for showtimes.

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