Dancing With The Stars Athletes Recap for May 7, 2018

Hello and welcome to the first ever Dancing With The Stars Athletes competition. This is week two of a four week event where ten athletes will compete for the mirror ball trophy.

Tonight will have the remaining eight couples dance their individual dances and then they will break up into teams for the group dance off.

Season 24 winner Rashad Jennings is a guest judge tonight.

Celebrity Athlete: Josh Norman

Claim To Fame: NFL star

Pro: Sharna Burgess

Dance:Paso Doble

Song: The Plaza of Execution” by James Horner

Sammi: There are way too many other dancers involved that it is distracting.  The dance was also wayyyy too short. I can’y even say if it was good or not because I could not focus.

Rashad: He took control in the ballroom.

Len: It was full of aggression and attack.

Bruno:  He liked it, but be careful with sustaining lines.

Carrie Ann: He was grounded and professional, but she agrees with Bruno.

Scores: 7-7-8-8=30 out of 40

Celebrity Athlete: Jennie Finch

Claim To Fame: Olympic Softball Player

Pro: Keo Mostepe

Dance: Cha cha cha

Song: ???

Sammi: They changed the song because she is uncomfortable with it, which completely throws them for a loop.  The dance itself is good, but she needs to let go a bit more. Also, again…the other dancers make it hard to focus on her dancing.

Len: It was a very competent performance, but she lost timing.

Bruno: He critiques her on her hands and timing, but thinks she did okay.

Carrie Ann: She thinks she held back because of the music, but commends her for sticking to her guns.

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Rashad: She was confident out there and knocked it out of the park.

Scores: 6-7-7-6=28 out of 40

Celebrity Athlete: Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Claim To Fame: NBA legend

Pro: Lindsay Arnold

Dance: Salsa

Song: “La Malanga” by Eddie Palmieri

Sammi: WHY do we have the troupe in all these dances? It it so annoying! However, he improved head and shoulders from last week.

Bruno: It was clever and well constructed.

Carrie Ann: She loved the tribute to his dad, but this was his best performance so far.

Rashad: His dad is looking down proud of him.

Len: He brought the party to the ballroom.

Scores:  7-7-6-6=26 out of 40

Celebrity Athlete: Chris Mazdzer

Claim To Fame: Olympic Luge medal winner

Pro: Witney Carson

Dance: Viennese Waltz

Song: “Next To Me” by Imagine Dragons

Sammi: Finally, a dance with just the couple! The dance is very prom-y, but beautiful. He is putting his all into this and he proved tonight that he is this season’s dark horse.

Carrie Ann: She gushes over how much she loved the dance.

Rashad: It was absolutely amazing.

Len: He has sway while in hold. It was even better than last week.

Bruno: He is the waltzing heartthrob.

Scores: 9-8-8-8=33 out of 40

Celebrity Athlete: Tonya Harding

Claim To Fame: Olympic skater

Pro: Sasha Farber

Dance: Quickstep

Song: “Redneck Woman” by Gretchen Wilson

Sammi: Her footwork is good and I love her personality, but the bear? Um…..what? I know it is Redneck Woman, but it is just weird. I have no clue who this Brandon dude is, but good job at being the bear?

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Rashad: He loves seeing this side of her.

Len: The dance made him feel good.

Bruno: She improved, but needs to work on her neck and shoulders.

Carrie Ann: She is very strong and powerful.

Scores: 8-9-8-8=33 out of 40

Celebrity Athlete: Mirai Nagasu

Claim To Fame: Olympic figure skater

Pro: Alan Bersen

Dance: Foxtrot

Song: “It’s a Small World” by The O’Neill Brothers Group (”We Love Disney”)

Sammi: I want her dress as my future wedding dress. The dance is so beautiful and i love how it is done to It’s A Small World. This has to be my favorite dance of the night so far, but again, get rid of the extra dancers.

Len: Best dance so far.

Bruno: She is the embodiment of a fairy tale princess.

Carrie Ann: It was gorgeous.

Rashad: Great dance and choreography.

Scores: 9-10-9-9=37 out of 40

Celebrity Athlete: Arike Ogunbowale

Claim To Fame: College basketball champion

Pro: Gleb Savchenko

Dance: Foxtrot

Song: “What About Us” by P!nk

Sammi: She is in heels this week and is doing well for someone who has never worn them before. Granted she is a bit slower with her steps, but she really nailed the footwork.

Bruno: The heels did the trick!

Carrie Ann: She is magic. Thank you for all she did.

Rashad: It was powerful and she is beautiful.

Len: She did fantastic footwork.

Scores: 8-9-8-8=33 out of 40

Celebrity Athlete: Adam Rippon

Claim To Fame: Olympic figure skater

Pro: Jenna Johnson

Dance: Quickstep

Song: “Make Way” by Aloe Blacc

Sammi: What a way to end the night! I’m not sure about that outfit, but the routine is up there for one of the best of the night!

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Carrie Ann: She loved it, but points out where he can improve a bit.

Rashad: They have a true partnership.

Len: Well done!

Bruno: Fantastic all the way through.

Scores: 9-9-9-10=37 out of 40

Group Dances:

Team 1950s Tennis – “… Baby One More Time” by The Baseballs

Chris Mazdzer and Witney Carson

Josh Norman and Sharna Burgess

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Lindsay Arnold

Tonya Harding and Sasha Farber

Uhhhh, I don’t know what to do with this information…..so the scores are 8-9-8-8=33 out of 40.

Team 1970s Football – “Instant Replay” by Dan Hartman

Adam Rippon and Jenna Johnson

Arike Ogunbowale and Gleb Savchenko

Jennie Finch Daigle and Keo Motsepe

Mirai Nagasu and Alan Bersten

This dance is a bit better, but still, I the group dancers because it is so hard to focus on each couple, despite the fact that they have little solos.

Scores: 9-10-9-9=37 out of 40


Couples in jeopardy: Kareem and Lindsay, Chris and Witney and Arike and Gleb.

Everyone else is safe.

The two couples eliminated are Arike and Gleb and Kareem and Lindsay.

Chris and Witney are safe.

More next week, stay tuned!

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