Fun Facts About NCIS Star Andrea Bordeaux

Andrea Bordeaux has been making quite a name for herself on the hit CBS series NCIS. On the show, she plays Harley, a strong, former Marine who shows strength and fearlessness that is an inspiration for women everywhere.

I recently had the chance to talk to Andrea in an exclusive interview for TVGrapevine. Below are some of the highlights from our chat.

1. Andrea didn’t initially set out to play Harley. In fact, she originally auditioned for a night club manager. While she was there, one of the producers asked her to read for Harley. She was given only fifteen minutes to prepare for the role and was given every little information on who Harley was and what she needed to do.  In the end, she just went for it and did the audition with her own personality. This led to her getting a call back and booking the role.

She says it all came together as a beautiful happenstance. She admits she wasn’t even sure about gong on the audition, but is glad her boyfriend convinced her to go.

Andrea describes Harley as a strong woman who is observant and outspoken, yet also very introverted. She thinks she is a great patriot who always tries to do the right thing.

2. She loves the role (and the show) because it is great at showcasing strong women. She also loves the fact that the show hires several former members of the military to play as extras or guest stars. In fact, her stand in is a former Marine.

3. When asked how she prepared for the role, Andrea says she looked back on her life as an Army brat. Her mother served when she was a child, so she was already familiar with military life. She says she lived in several places while her mom was stationed, including Germany. She also says she had a strict upbringing, but loved every moment. She used her mom as inspiration for Harley as well.

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4. As for what is next on the show, she could not give much away, but said that we can see a special military service in the coming weeks. The only thing she could share, however, is the fact that all the Marines featured in this episode are actual members of the Marine Corps.

5. In terms of her own career, Andrea says she is still going on auditions and hoping for another big project. She also wants to return to the show in the future. She says this role opened a lot of doors for her, and helped her grow as an actor.

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