Ghosts: Five Fun Moments with Showrunner Joe Wiseman

Ghosts: Five Fun Moments with Showrunner Joe Wiseman

Ghosts: Five Fun Moments with Showrunner Joe Wiseman

Ghosts is airing a special Halloween episode tonight and TVGrapevine has the scoop on what to expect, thanks to showrunner Joe Wiseman. Here are some highlights!


  1. During an exclusive interview, Joe revealed that he is looking forward to seeing the reaction of the fans. While he could not give too much away, he did say that fans are going to see something they have never seen before….and it will include a seance, a summons and something involving the ghost rules.


  1. Some of his favorite memories from filming include a scene that takes place in the vault. The scene involves Hetty, someone from her past and Sam. He says it was something that was a lot of fun to shoot and you get to see some of the ice thaw between Hetty and said mystery person.


  1. The episode may have been fun to film, but it didn’t go without challenges. Joe admits that it got a bit complicated to film because he was working with such a large cast. He also said that it took a long time to film (especially the seance scene) due to the special effects, but in the end he loved the results and is proud of the work they have done.


  1. So how did this idea come about? The answer is simple…Joe knew that they were going to do a Halloween episode, so he wanted to do something special. The idea of a seance came up, so they decided to show what happened if the blurred lines between the living and dead worked and actually summoned someone.
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  1. What’s next for the show? There are a lot of fun plans, he says! While he once again could not give too much away, he did reveal that we will see the exploration of Isaac and Nigel’s relationship. We will see them get more comfortable with each other in more ways than one.

In addition, we will get more in depth about Trevor and find out more about how some of the ghosts died.


Ghosts airs Thursday nights on CBS. Check your local listings for showtimes.

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