Celebrity Chef Devin Alexander Talks to TVGrapevine

Devin Alexander is known for her amazing cookbooks designed to make life easier and better. (My personal favorite is Fast Food Fix.) She has also pared on numerous TV shows to talk about nutrition and share her favorite recipes.

Now Devin has a new cookbook to add to her collection. It is called You Can Have It and it is catered toward people who have diabetes. The book was inspired by the fact that my people with the disease felt as if they were missing out on their favorite foods. She realized that people focus on what they can’t have, which in turn makes it more frustrating for them to follow their diet. Devin wanted to prove that they could still enjoy their favorite foods with a few simple moderations.

The book has several foods people love, including sweet potato fries with BBQ beef, crab stuffed shrimp and several appetizers perfect for parties and get togethers. She even has some kid friendly recipes, including watermelon cupcakes with whip topping. These consist of watermelon cut into a cupcake with her special whip topping and edible glitter. She says that the best part of these recipes are the fact that they can be enjoyed by everyone, yet nobody feels as if they are missing out on their favorite foods.

As for the challenges of making this book, Devin reveals that the hardest part was making sure she met all the necessary dietary guidelines. She knows that many people with diabetes (especially Type 2) need to cut out sugar and salt, so she had to come up with alternative ways to add ingredients and flavor to her food. She came up with different ways to enhance flavors and add different seasonings, thinking outside the box in order to come up with the best recipes possible.

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In the future, Devin plans to write more cookbooks, this time focusing on helping busy parents. She wants them to know that cooking healthy meals for families can be quick and easy, even when time is not on their side. She hopes it will create change and help families become healthier and happier.

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