Sammi’s favorite things: the Harlen Bag

Anybody who knows me knows I love nothing more than a good bag. No matter what kind of day I am having, a good bag can make me feel like a million bucks. I recently discovered a new line of bags and cannot wait to buy one of my own.

Harlen is the latest and greatest in Italian bags. The line was designed by the beautiful and talented Julie Cantor, who named the line after her grandparents. (HARriet and LENny) They were two of the most influential people in her life, so this is her way of honoring them and all they have done.

In a recent interview, Julie revealed that her grandmother Harriet was a style icon and her grandfather Lenny was the driving force behind women in sports. In the 1950s, he helped organize the first sports team for young women in Long Island, as he was sad to see that there was nothing for girls to do, so he wanted to make a change. This is something that means a lot to Julie and she is happy and proud to be honoring them both with her work.

As for the bags themselves, Julie reveals that a LOT of work went into making sure they were perfect. She traveled to several cities in Italy many times to make sure she had the right zippers, leather and other materials for each bag. She also makes sure the quality is the best of the best so each item is built to last. She also makes sure each one is unique and perfect for women of all walks of life.

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