Young Sheldon Recap for A Proper Wedding and Skeletons in the Closet

Young Sheldon Recap for A Proper Wedding and Skeletons in the Closet

Young Sheldon Recap for A Proper Wedding and Skeletons in the Closet


The episode opens with Georgie telling CeeCee she will soon be legitimate. Mandy questions this while Missy, George and Mary run in to the courthouse to the wedding, thanks to MeeMaw meddling. As they are called into get married, Audrey and Jim walk in, thanks to George doing so meddling of his own.


Jim wants to walk Mandy down the aisle as he gives Georgie his blessing. After a quick ceremony where MeeMaw makes the judge stand, the two are pronounced man and wife.


Later on, everyone enjoys dinner, complete with a conductor courtesy of Jim and a squabble over who pays. MeeMaw gives a speech and says that the odds are in their favor to go the distance despite the two them beginning their relationship on lies.


Dr. Linkletter and Sheldon join them after an awkward run-in, with Sheldon thanking them for not inviting him to the wedding. He hopes Missy does the same when she gets married.


Audrey and Jim offer to pay for the honeymoon as they all begin to eat. Georgie tells Jim (who he calls Mr. McCallister) it isn’t necessary, but is told to call him Jim. He and Mandy agree to go on the honeymoon to Dollywood, which delights them. However, they only want Connie to babysit since Mary and Audrey decided to baptize CeeCee behind their backs. Dale wants a say in this, but Connie says no.

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Mandy and Georgie drive to Dollywood and discuss the future and whose name they will take. Meanwhile, MeeMaw takes CeeCee to check on the casino and ends up running from the cops.


Dale goes to get MeeMaw from jail, only to find out she cannot post bail until Monday. She worries about CeeCee and tells Dale to take her, but he tells her to call Mary. MeeMaw doesn’t want Mary to know, so the cop offers to watch the baby. Dale ends up taking CeeCee while the cop takes MeeMaw to her cell, saying that she never locked up an great grandma before.


Dale calls the Coopers to tell them about MeeMaw, which George finds hilarious. Sheldon is confused and wonders how Missy knew about the gambling room.


Later on, Dale sings to CeeCee when Mary comes in to find out what happened and to help with the baby.


Mandy and Georgie continue to discuss the future and if they will have more kids. She wants a career and to go back to school, while he wants to be a family man.


Audrey goes to see the baby with Dale trying to hide the fact that MeeMaw is in jail.


Sheldon and Missy discuss the gambling room, with him wondering what other secrets the family is hiding. Missy tells him that there is a dead body under the prayer garden and says she said too much already.


Audrey wants to know where the baby is after leaving Dale’s. George acts cagey, but Mary tells the truth, making Audrey even angrier. Mary tells the truth and the women end up fighting, but agree to watch the baby together and eat….with Mary taking the baby so Audrey won’t run with her.

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Georgie tells Mandy he wants to give her what she wants in the future, but right now she wants a quickie on the side of the road.


MeeMaw goes to get her things under police protection to find Dale drunk and the baby gone. He tells her that the baby is with Mary and is jealous she got pizza in jail. He asks if he can visit her but she says she will see him Monday.


Jim and George hatch a plan to get the women to get along despite the secrets. They all end up spilling family secrets, leading to them getting along….all while Sheldon hides in the kitchen.


The episode ends with Sheldon and Missy digging up the garden.

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