Young Sheldon Recap for A Fancy Article and a Scholarship for a Baby

Young Sheldon Recap for A Fancy Article and a Scholarship for a Baby

Young Sheldon Recap for A Fancy Article and a Scholarship for a Baby

The episode opens with Mary giving Sheldon a package from his tutor from Germany….a published journal in which she is featured. He gets jealous….until he realizes he is the co-author. He then explains the importance of this to Mary, until Missy comes home with an A on a project. The attention and pride go to Missy, upsetting Sheldon. George comes in and is also excited about Missy’s A, but not the publication.


Later on, MeeMaw is excited about the A and confused about Sheldon’s publication. This only further upsets Sheldon, who wishes the attention were on him, not Missy.


Georgie talks to CeeCee as he feeds her. Audrey doesn’t like his grammar and tries to correct him, which leads to a debate on if proper grammar will impact CeeCee’s life.


Dr. Srurgis and Dr. Linkletter are proud of Sheldon’s accomplishments and talk to President Hagemeyer about it and how they can use it to their advantage.


Back at the Cooper household, Mary gets a call from Princeton and a visit from Stanford. It turns into a bidding war with George wearing Stanford gear and wanting to cash in on ‘their smart kid’ while Mary worries about the situation as a whole.


Mandy and Georgie discuss the speech situation and she mentions that she took speech classes as a weather girl, hinting that it could be helpful for him.


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Dr. Linkletter, Dr. Sturgis and President Hagemeyer come together when they discover that Sheldon is being recruited by other schools, while George and Mary listen to pitches from said colleges. Sheldon himself seems unbothered by it, but the men decide to play on the fact that he doesn’t like change and loves his family as a reason to stay.


Mandy helps Georgie with his speech some more, leading to them debating on the way wasn’t is pronounced.


The family gets together to discuss Sheldon’s decision for school. They have it narrowed down to five schools, all of which want him and are willing to make accommodations. Missy gets tired of it and turns on Fresh Prince.


Sheldon talks to Missy about a way to choose a school. He gives the pros and cons of each, while she says pick the one by the beach and Hollywood. She tries to give him advice, which he brushes off, so she tells him that she is turning his room into a dance studio.


President Hagemeyer tries to lure the Coopers into letting Sheldon stay in Texas by offering tuition discounts for East Texas Tech and other fun perks. They tell her this is Sheldon’s decision, but she is still determined to get her way.


Georgie talks to CeeCee in proper English when Audrey offers him coffee. He then corrects her grammar, much to her chagrin.


Sheldon talks to Dr. Sturgis and Dr. Linkletter about his decision. They initially want him to stay, but realize he is destined for great things and tell him to go to CalTech or MIT….his top two schools….but don’t agree on which one.

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Sheldon initially chooses MIT and visits with George. However, he hates the snow and chooses CalTech.


Back at the school, Dr. Sturgis and Dr. Linkletter say  they did the best they could to keep Sheldon at the school….even getting on their knees…but it was a no go. President Hagemeyer says she gave the Coopers beer and offered a scholarship to a baby. They toast to the situation as the episode comes to a close.

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