Will Trent Season Finale Recap for 5/21/2024

Will Trent Season Finale Recap for 5/21/2024

Will Trent Season Finale Recap for 5/21/2024

-The season finale of Will Trent is here!

-Who is this dude talking to and why am I not surprised he died?

-The more I see it, the more I love the bond between Will and Angie.

-Looks like the guy who died is connected to the case from last week….does this mean he is also a sex offender?

-Another toy was found in the victim’s mouth, therefore, connecting the cases….but is it the same guy?

-Victim is not a sex offender, but a creep.

-The Bear Hug Diddly Killer is unintentionally hilarious….but disturbing.

-Cause of death is asphyxiation….but they don’t know how it is occurring.

-Two of the victims had ripped tickets on them at the time of the death….maybe they worked at a carnival or something.

-That is my Toaster Strudel! I love Faith.

-Will thinks the victims are drugged and the killer sits on their chests to kill them based on a picture he saw in a book….and thinks the killer is a woman….perhaps a woman who was assaulted herself?

-Luke found another victim by Alabama…so this killer is no longer just in Georgia…

-Michael jumping on the desk to get everyone’s attention is so on brand for him.

-The ticket is from a skating rink that is notorious for giving people pinkeye.

-The worker at the skating rink reminds me of a baby Shannen Doherty.

-The skating rink is known for having creeps in it, but no one does anything about it?

-Questioning a dude in a bathroom is creepy. Somehow, I think he is innocent of anything illegal, but he will probably get killed next.

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-MeetAPeach.com is definitely connected to the case, but how?

-The Alabama victim was shot, which is different than the other victims….but still had a toy on him.

-I knew the dude from the bathroom was going to get killed once the worker said he would brush her ass twice a shift.

-It looks like that website is one of those chatting sites where men target young girls….and that scares me.

-Poor Cooper is sick, but it so sweet of Will to let her rest in his office.

-Faith and Amanda are fighting, but stop to take care of Cooper, realizing she has appendicitis.

-Michael stopping everything he is doing to take Cooper to the hospital shows what a devoted dad he is.

-Will, Amanda and Faith are tracking a user of the website….aka their suspected killer….only to find out it is Angie.

-I think Angie is either covering for Crystal (unlikely, since these killings seemed to begin when Crystal was a young teenager) or she has dissociative identity disorder.

-Is this another flashback? I am so confused.

-Amanda wants Angie to join the GBI (looks like it was before she was discovered as the possible killer). Angie seems to want to take this job and it seems like she will be a good fit…that is if she isn’t a killer.

-I am glad Angie is able to discuss the job with her sponsor and that he is so supportive.

-Crystal is in a meeting discussing the toys she got from the dentist….and how she would stare at them when she was being assaulted….these are the same toys found on the killers…..AND she talked about hitchhiking back to Atlanta. Now I think she is the killer and Angie is protecting her.

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-I have a feeling Angie is going to take the fall for Crystal.

-This is such a powerful scene with Crystal running away and dying by hitting her head on the rock….I am shaking right now….and sobbing….that actress deserves an Emmy for that powerful arc she had on the show.

-Angie was following Crystal because she was worried about her….and found out she was killing the rapists/perverts. She thought she could help her, but Crystal ended up dying.

-I had no idea Lenny was the one who also the one who raped Angie.

-Will protecting Angie from further questioning shows how much he loves her.

-Will knows there is more going on in this case than Angie is letting on…..but I know he is going to continue to protect her somehow. He also knows Crystal killed Lenny, not Angie.

-Lenny was Crystal’s first victim….not the truck driver…..my guess is on she had a psychiatric break after she killed Lenny and began killing the others.

-Michael and Max buying Cooper lots of toys at the gift shop is adorable!

-Gina is back to see Cooper….I hope this means she and Michael will work things out and save their marriage.

-Crystal’s mom wants to sue the police department, but Will is going after her with both barrels for letting Lenny into her daughter’s life.

-It looks like Faith is committing to Luke…they are very sweet together.

-That random lady taking her kid away as Faith and Luke kissed made me laugh more than it should have.

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-Gina is moving to be near her parents, divorcing Mike and suing for custody of the kids…..set up for next season’s storyline for him, perhaps?

-Will looking back on his relationship with Angie is so sweet, but the most moving part is him talking to Angie as a teenager as he figures out what to do about the case.

-The upside-down elevator was such a moving, but confusing moment.

-Will and Angie are getting married? I didn’t see that coming, but it is probably so he can’t testify against her.

-Will and Angie are married!!!! Cue sex scene.

-Now she is having a baby? What is happening? This is all so fast?

-We are seeing their entire future….kids, adopting another child, Betty dying…..the kids all grown….a new puppy….this is all so confusing.

-It looks like a wonderful future, but I have a feeling this isn’t real…..

-Okay, so it was a fantasy, and now he is arresting Angie….and the captain is angry….

-Will is on the run with Betty? Nico says he can move into the main house and gave them money to live…..Amanda is so upset and angry over this…

-Until next season!

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