Next Level Chef Recap for You Wanna Pizza Me

Next Level Chef Recap for You Wanna Pizza Me

Next Level Chef Recap for You Wanna Pizza Me

-Tonight’s Next Level Chef on Fox has the remaining contestants making pizzas. Chef Ramsay’s team is on the top level, Chef Arrington’s team is in the middle, while Team Blais’s is in the bottom.

-As always, the teams have 30 seconds to grab ingredients from the platform, with the top kitchen getting first choice, the middle kitchen getting second choice and the bottom kitchen getting whatever is left over.

-Mada gets chicken nuggets, which frustrates him because he has no idea how to make them work for a pizza.

-Von’s clam scampi pizza actually sounds pretty good!

-Christina thinks she has an advantage because she worked in a pizza shop as a youngster.

-Angela is using charcoal dough and making a Little Mermaid themed pizza.

-The platform returns and they need to add a new ingredient to their pizza.

-Jordan’s dough won’t spread, leaving him short on time to finish.

-Everyone rushes to get their pizzas done, with Christina just barely making it to the platform in time.

-The judges taste each pizza, giving the pros and cons of each….although it is hard to learn much about any of them.

-Chef Blais’s team wins with the lamb tongue pizza, cooked by Gabi!

-Chris and Christina are chosen. However, Christina uses her immunity pin, so Mada is chosen in her place.

-The elimination challenge has the guys cooking a parm dish.

-Chris makes a chicken parm, while Mada opts for the veal. They both choose sauces and pastas to go with the dish.

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-Why Mada left the veal on the bone is beyond me…..

-This again goes by way too fast, but before lone it is time to taste the dishes.

-IT IS A TIE AS TO WHO SHOULD GO HOME….so Chef Blais must cast the deciding vote. Chris is eliminated.

-More next week, stay tuned!

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