Erika Jayne Special Gets Premiere Date

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Snark and Highlights for 6/22/2022

Erika Jayne Special Gets Premiere Date

  • The two-hour documentary special chronicles Jayne’s hard-fought journey to the opening night of her highly anticipated Las Vegas residency.

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  • “Erika Jayne: Bet It All on Blonde” follows “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Erika Jayne’s challenging road to the opening night of her unprecedented Las Vegas residency.

  • Through a compilation of formal interviews and observational footage, the documentary chronicles the lead-up to Jayne’s show-stopping Las Vegas debut, set against the backdrop of a deeply personal narrative that sees her take the biggest gamble yet when she bets it all on herself.

  • Looking to reclaim her life both personally and professionally, the stakes could not be higher for Jayne in the wake of her tumultuous separation and ongoing legal battles. From the onset, these troubles in her personal life present obstacles, but with their sights set on her upcoming residency at the famed House of Blues in Las Vegas, Jayne and her tight-knit team must stay focused as they navigate the challenges that come with putting on a show of this scale.

  • Their frenzied six-week run-up to opening night sees them tackle every detail – from putting together songs and choreography, to nailing down wardrobe and glam, along with countless rehearsals – all while working against the realities of budget constraints and a ticking clock. With no shortage of backstage drama, tensions run high under the pressure to deliver a show with potential for an extended run.
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  • “Bet It All on Blonde” is produced by 32 Flavors Entertainment and Goodbye Pictures. Alex Baskin, Jeff Festa, Rich Bye, Mark Ritchie, Billy Taylor and Erika Girardi will executive produce. 


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