The Real Housewives of Atlanta Snark and Highlights for 6/25/2023

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Snark and Highlights for 8/13/2023

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Snark and Highlights for 6/25/2023

-Drew is giving me major Candiace from Potomac vibes and I am so here for it.

-I had no idea Drew’s sister Allison was also her manager.

-The fact that they showed Allison breaking down via phone was in very poor taste. Even if she approved it, the whole thing kind of leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Some things should not be shown on TV.

-Sheree’s new clothing line looks cute. I am not familiar with She by Sheree since I am a relatively new viewer, but hopefully this succeeds.

-Marlo and Sanya have such an honest relationship. I am glad they can support each other but still call the other out when needed.

-All this talk about macaroni and cheese and fried chicken is making me hungry.

-This whole Kandi and Sheree feud is already getting old. I get both sides, but still….sick of the fighting over who said what and which one of them was more supportive.

-I am curious about this movie that could potentially be having Drew as a star.

-Drew and her mom are adorable together.

-Allison coming, even though she was late, and wanting to see her niece right away was beautiful. That is what auntie life is about!

-This episode seems to be very Drew focused, but I am loving seeing this music video come to fruition.

-Marlo getting ready for her first date in a long time (and being nervous AF) is so realistic. I am so glad she has her village there to offer her help and support.

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-Ohhh, Marlo is not happy with Sanya not calling her about the date, nor is she happy about the fact that Drew didn’t invite her to the music video filming.

-WOW, this is some first blind date Marlo is on…..she calls him Black Santa Claus. He is very good-looking and kind of reminds me of Curtis from General Hospital.

-Scotley seems so nice and really interested in getting to know her.

-I just realized this is his restaurant (or he at least works there) and he is treating her to some of the best food in the place.

-I didn’t expect them to bond over being in jail, but if it works for them, then more power to them.

-I hope this date is the start of something new for them….

-More next week, stay tuned.

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