America’s Got Talent Recap for 6/20/2023

America's Got Talent Recap for 6/20/2023

America’s Got Talent Recap for 6/20/2023

El Invertebrado–Aerial contortionist: He learned this by watching videos and his zombie costume is handmade. He adds pole dancing to the routine, making it even more exciting and mesmerizing.

The judges love him and give him four yeses.


Freedom Singers–Singing Group: They work with the Los Angeles Community Action Network and were all homeless at one point. Their song of choice is City of Angels and it is incredible. I think they should have gotten a Golden Buzzer. They are helping so many people with their message and have a beautiful talent to boot. They get four yeses.


Warrior Squad–Acrobats Group: These kind of groups have been on the show before, but they somehow make it into something we have never seen before. They do the tossing, the human towers and several other tricks, but it is the spirit of the group that brings it to a whole new level. Four yeses.


Dani Kerr–Singer: She starts off with an original song and gets booed, so Simon has her sing something else. She does another song of hers and somehow this one wins everyone over, even getting her a standing ovation. Four yeses.


Poose the Puppet–Puppeteer: Um…..he is an alien dressed as a hot dog and does a puppeteering act….four nos.


A montage of nos…..with Simon sans voice…..these acts were…..something.


Eseniia Mikheeva–Dancer: She is only seven years old and loves Simon. Her hip hop dance is sassy and cute, making everyone, including myself smile from start to finish. Four yeses.

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Murmuration–Dance Troupe: The leader auditioned for the show years ago, but I cannot recall said audition. There are 65 people in this group who manage to stay in sync while creating shapes, beautiful movements and are blindfolded! HOWIE GIVES THEM THE GOLDEN BUZZER.


Maureen Langan–Comedian: She is from Bloomberg TV/Radio and has done some comedy acts that went viral. She jokes about middle age and kind of reminds me of a female Norm McDonald. She is hysterical and I would love to see more from her. Four yeses.


Anna DeGuzman–Magician: She is fairly new to the craft, but does a great job with her card trick. She seems a bit nervous, but her excitement makes up for it. Four yeses.


Ninah Sampaio–Singer: I have seen her on social media and she is quite good. Tonight is no exception. The fact that she can sing and do a Rubik’s Cube at the same time is a next level act. Four yeses.


Thomas Vu–Danger: He also uses a Rubik’s Cube in his act….while on fire. It is different. Sofia is not a fan, but the others give him yeses and send him through.


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