The Real Housewives of Miami Season 4, Episode 2 Highlights and Snark

The Real Housewives of Miami Snark and Highlights for 1/6/2022

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI -- "Sushi Rolls and Wedding Woes" Episode 402 -- Pictured in this screengrab: Lisa Hochstein -- (Photo by: Peacock)

The Real Housewives of Miami Season 4, Episode 2 Highlights and Snark

  • I hate to break it to you ladies, but those pictures look photoshopped AF.
  • I don’t understand why Alexia wants to meet up with Big Penis Instagram Dude. Is she going to tell Todd about this?
  • UPDATE: I didn’t realize he was her ex’s boyfriend. Now it makes more sense.
  • I am single too, but I could never do OnlyFans….I am too fat and too shy for any of that….plus, it isn’t really my kind of thing. However, if someone wants to do this, more power to them.
  • Ray J has made zero money on OnlyFans so far, while the other Kardashian exes are making millions.
  • Larsa, honey… don’t know if Corrections Officer Dude is who he says he is….he could be a serial killer or something. Her involvement in this actually worries me because of how dangerous it could be.
  • How did Lisa not know how old her husband is?
  • Guerdy and Russell are such a cute couple. I also love how they have such a close-knit, sweet family.
  • Julia sounds like such a proud wife talking about Martina. Also, Martina’s art reminds me of the balloon art Mia and Helen did in The Princess Diaries.
  • Alexia and Todd are so cute together as well.
  • I would love to visit that Spanish Monastery. It is gorgeous and I love learning about new religions. However, I agree that it is weird that there is a cruising spot so close to it.
  • Guerdy needs her own wedding planning show.
  • It is heartbreaking to see Alexia and Peter interact. I hope they are able to work things out.
  • This sushi party looks like a blast…..and now I want sushi.
  • I am confused about this whole Peter/Todd issue, it sounds like Todd smoked too much pot and needed medical attention and Peter didn’t pay attention?
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More next week, stay tuned.



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