-Tell me a bit about how the show began!

Brimstone: I’d wanted to do some form of a radio show for quite some time and to be blunt, struck out with the local terrestrial networks. I was actually surprised considering I had a relationship with most of them for many years, so when I heard crickets I knew it was time to move on! I dabbled in the idea of internet radio and began developing ‘The Grindhouse Radio’ IP; however nothing seemed to really float my interest. That is until a couple of bright young interns came along and started working with me under my company, Hound Comics, Inc. (Hound Entertainment Group)… one being Kim (Adragna). They’d both had a background in broadcasting and we’d had such good chemistry in the office and on the road that I asked if they would be interested in potentially doing a show together. They pushed the idea of podcast because it was starting to become a popular form of media – it was a fantastic idea! The three of us sat at an empty desk around a single microphone in the office after hours – no soundproofing, literally in a storefront on a busy road – cars whizzing by in the background… and recorded our first episode. I can’t tell you what we spoke about that day; but we knew we had something special! Now, going on seven years later… I’m glad I failed the first few times as those seeds were the ones that blossomed a tremendous success! 


TOM GREER: For myself it started a little differently than my other co hosts. I had graduated from theConnecticut School of broadcasting looking for jobs and opportunities. While trying to come up with a show for the school’s internet radio station I was asked by one of my former co hosts if I would be interested in interning for The Grindhouse Radio. Of Course i never say no to an opportunity so I began as just an editor handling our celebrity drops which led to editing the whole show and then eventually being given the opportunity to be a regular on air personality and a host of the show.


KIM ADRAGNA: One Summer I used to intern for Brim at his other company. At the time I was still in college and was involved in the radio club there. I’m one of the founding members and proud to hear it’s still running smoothly! Having started the station at Farmingdale State College – I had a radio background and spoke on air a bit. One day we were all playing around with the idea of starting a podcast – so we just picked a day and recorded. We had one microphone, no sound proofing and were in a big echoey room. Now fast forward 6 years later we have our own studio, our own

mics, sound proofing, celebrity guests and have had the honor to travel and sign at conventions.


-What are some of your proudest accomplishments so far on-air?

Brimstone: That is a great question and to be honest – I’m just proud of the longevity that we’ve had! Throughout the years, having carved out a little slice of land in the vast world of podcasting to call our own… that is an accomplishment in itself. We recently found out that we’re in the top 5% of podcasts in the world which is pretty awesome and I’d like to think landing a number 6 spot on iTunes isn’t too shabby! We’ve been blessed with winning a variety of different awards including but not limited to, the title of ‘Best Radio Station on Long Island’ for four consecutive years, National Grand Champion in the SCORE American Small Business Awards, New York State Senate Empire Business Award, Platinum Communitas Award, Gold AVA Digital Award and a Gold Communicator Award.

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TOM GREER: Personally, my proudest accomplishments would have to be hearing such high praise from the people we get to interview coupled with being able to beat out terrestrial radio giants on Long Island for 5 years as the best radio station on Long island.


KIM ADRAGNA: There are so many! Over the years we’ve all worked hard to promote and be our authentic selves while on air. I think I’d have to say that every single time we record is a proud accomplishment. We get to do what we love and that is to record together and talk about some fun topics in pop culture. Some proud moments we’ve had were signing at San Diego Comic Con in Celeb Row 2019, Winning SCORE’s American Small Business Awards Champions of 2018, having the honor receiving the 2020 New York State Senate Empire Business Award, receiving the 2021 Platinum Communitas Awards for Corporate Responsibility, 2021 AVA Gold Digital Award for Audio Production/Radio Podcast, Entertainment Podcast for the 27th Annual Communicator Awards and for me personally receiving the 30-Under-30 Awards. Just to name a few.


-Who are some people/companies you want to bring on as guests?


Brimstone: I really don’t have any specifics on who I’d like to schedule for the show; but I do require that whoever I bring on is an interesting person! GHR is known for our casual conversations – kind of like sitting around a table with a group of friends, chatting and catching up. I guess if I had to pick a few people who I think would be a lot of fun, I’d say Kevin Hart, Chris Pratt, Ed O’Neil… people with great stories.


TOM GREER: Since I handle most of the sports content for the show I would love to have a conversation with any professional athletes and ofcourse on the entertainment side I would love to bring on anyone tied to Disney.


KIM ADRAGNA: I would love to bring on Emma Stone, Drew Barrymore, Taylor Swift and Betty White as guests (although I love talking to everyone). I would also love to chat with the CEO of Disney Bob Chapeak. As a Disney fan I think it would be great to chat some Disney with him. Tom and I have a show called The Magic KimTom so it seems fit to talk about some magic pixie dust.



-What’s next for you guys? Anything new and exciting in the works?

Brimstone: Currently, Grindhouse is status quo – we’re always striving to be better and bring joy into the ears, eyes and hearts of our fans… so yeah, we have a few things up our sleeves; but we can’t reveal them at this moment! I can say that our vinyl collectibles are now available and the GHR Mini Collectibles will be shortly… they’re really cool! We all have individual projects that we’re working on; however most of those roads all lead back to GHR. Our spin-off shows are all doing decently including my rant show, Within Brim’s Skin; as well as Truly Inconsequential – the show Greer and I do live every Wednesday at 2pm EST. Kim and Tom do their show The Magic KimTom which is a Disney based podcast and we do Live and Uncut every Monday around 6:30pm EST – a pre-game of sorts before we record the weekly episode of the flagship brand. I recently started doing the show that is not a part of the Grindhouse Network called, The Dirty Little Secrets Club with my co-host Dayna Periera (That Trophy Wife Life Podcast) which has been a lot of fun! I’m currently wrapped up in voicing characters in a bunch of different video games and cartoons; as well as signed to host a new show along with my son Dylan on one of the leading streaming networks – I can’t talk about it yet; but I will be shouting it from the rooftops soon enough! I’m also currently bringing a couple of my award winning sauces and seasonings back to market through Torchbearer Sauces – and there very well be a new sauce in the works as well! 

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TOM GREER: Next is hopefully more fun and interesting conversations with any of the celebrities that are looking to come on the show and want to have a good time. Along with always trying to think of new shows or content ideas.


KIM ADRAGNA: Next, is to keep recording shows and getting our names out there. We want to continue reaching as many people as we do. We are thankful to have the amount of listeners that we do (3.5-4million listeners weekly worldwide) and we would love more people to listen to our crazy fun selves on the show. For new and exciting? We will be doing more streams, traveling to events again, and recording more voice over work for some shows/commercials we are in. Also, be on the lookout for some possible fun TV shows in the works.


-Please tell me a surprising, fun fact about yourselves.

Brimstone: Hahaha, I’m an open book… being in the entertainment industry for 40 years – there aren’t too many things that haven’t been said; or that people don’t know! It actually blows most people’s minds that I started my career in entertainment at the age of five on shows like Sesame Street and Romper Room. People are also pretty shocked when they find out I’m Jewish! I can’t tell you how many times I get that line, “But you don’t LOOK Jewish!?!” Yes, not only am I a Jew; but I also went to the Liberal Jewish Day School and American Jewish Academy for a few years in between public school. Here is the fun fact – albeit I wanted a strong, memorable and marketable name when getting into the industry, the whole Brimstone wrestling schtick and persona was a humorous gimmick! Brimstone the character is essentially a guy from Hell; but Jews don’t believe in Hell. 

TOM GREER: I talk on a microphone for millions of people every week and to this day get anxious and have stage fright.


KIM ADRAGNA: I’m a big fan of cheese (all kinds), and have a catch phrase I always say on air which is, “It’s All Gouda.” Another fun fact about myself is I love to cook and bake (I grew up watching Food Network) and have fun getting creative recording new voice over work for characters or commercials.


-What are you all watching on TV these days?

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Brimstone: I’m still a big Walking Dead guy and religiously watch TWD and the spin-offs regardless of if I’m home or away on tour. Some people have their sports – I have my zombies and the world stops when they’re on. Now that the world has no patience and need immediate gratification… I’ve hopped on the bandwagon and have binge watched a bunch of shows whenever I have some small pockets of time. Some of the best that I’ve watched in recent times are Bad Girls, Dead to Me, WandaVision, Ratchet, The Circle, The Umbrella Academy, Cobra Kai, Orange is the New Black, Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul to name a bunch. I’ve also really enjoyed Hip-Hop Evolution and Rhythm + Flow – both very well put together. I enjoy watching cooking shows like Chopped and Nailed It with my wife and kids – it gets addictive! Just to be clear though… these have all been spread out as Lord knows I don’t have the time to watch anything regularly!


TOM GREER: Anything marvel wants to put on disney plus right now


KIM ADRAGNA: I’m watching a lot of Netflix and Disney+ these days. Some shows I enjoy are – New Girl, The Crown, Brigerton, Disney movies/shows and cooking/baking competitions to name a few.


-Where can people learn more about the show?

Brimstone: You can find out everything you need to know by visiting – also, please make sure to visit us on all our social media! We love interacting with the fans – without them, we’d be nothing!


TOM GREER: Definitely check out 


KIM ADRAGNA: You can find us at to find out when our shows are coming out, videos/streams, the schedule for our guests, our appearances and where you can listen to all our podcasts under the network.You can also find out where you can find us on all our social media platforms – radio and personal handles. You can follow me personally @KimAdragna on all social media platforms.


-Anything else you want to tell America?

Brimstone: Absolutely… be good to one another! We are living in some tumultuous times and we need more people taking the higher road, regardless of their beliefs. I’d love for everyone to find a charity that they are passionate about – perhaps you, a family member or a friend has had bouts with Leukemia, Cancer or Arthritis to name a few… anything that means something to you. Then give back. Donate an hour, a day, a week – whatever you can each month to that cause. You don’t need to spend money to make a difference, a little bit of time goes a long way and you can make a big difference in someone’s life. Not only are you doing good; but I promise you’ll feel great for doing it too!


TOM GREER: A.B.P (Always Be Podcasting) seriously if you’re thinking about it just do it. You never know where its going to lead you


KIM ADRAGNA: Always follow your heart and if you want to start something…go out and do it. No time like the present. Also, have a GOUDA day haha

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