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Sammi's Favorite Things: For The Kids

The holidays are coming and that means it is time to go shopping. Yesterday, I posted some fun gifts for fashionistas and foodies, and today I have gifts for the book lovers, techies and sports fans in your life.



Four Seasons at Angelino’s: Written by my wonderful friend Caroline McBride, this book is a modern romantic comedy relationship novel featuring women’s empowerment, timing, communication, prioritizing, undeniable chemistry, and all the other ingredients that comprise a delicious dish called love.

Inspired by real life events, this book is Sex and the City meets That Girl with lots of fun, romance and FOOD. It can be found on Amazon in both paperback and e-book formats.


The Five Year Marriage: Written by Annmarie Kelly, this book gives a new spin on marriage. Annmarie shows women – and the men who love them – how to create the marriage relationship they really want, one that actually works. It’s a marriage lived in small “doable chunks” that gives partners the space to change and grow with love.  She also offers a master class for married couples looking to improve their relationships.


For The Love of It: Written by Robin Morning, this book tells the story of how  Dave McCoy built a world renown ski area on Mammoth Mountain is an American dream story. Through hard work and good spirit, a penniless young man built a successful business doing what he loved to do, marrying a woman he dreamed of marrying, and raising a family in the place he wanted to live. She also has photobooks and art on sale on her website.

What Would Frida Do? A Guide to Living Boldly: This book is written by Arianna Davis, digital director at As a Black and Latina woman, Arianna has long drawn inspiration from legendary artist and feminist icon Frida Kahlo as she forged her own path in media with the goal of empowering other women. But What Would Frida Do? (out 10/20) is not a biography; it’s a self-help book rooted firmly in Frida Kahlo’s life.



Catalyst Cases Total Protection Case AirPods Pro: The Total Protection case for the AirPods Pro is the first of its kind anywhere. It’s our highest performing AirPods case to date. This ultimate case is Waterproof up to 100m (328ft) and Drop Proof to 2M (6.6ft) meaning you can now easily take your AirPods Pro anywhere without the worry. With an impact-absorbing silicone interior and a tough washable polycarbonate exterior your case is equipped to withstand whatever life throws at you. Also, your AirPods Pro will be protected from any scratches and scrapes you encounter along the way. This case comes with a detachable carabiner so you can easily hook it on to your belt, bag or purse. It is fully compatible with wireless charging. Plus, for every Total Protection AirPods Pro case purchased, Catalyst will make a US$1 donation to the CDC Foundation.

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Lingo Coding Kit: Tech Made Easy! LINGO is a self-paced, STEM-based, home-learning, coding kit that enables learners, teens and older, to enhance their STEM skills in a fun and engaging way by building a back-up sensor for an autonomous car (think Tesla) and the code to make it work.

LINGO comes with step-by-step videos and community support. The kit also includes follow-on materials that complement the highly detailed instructional booklet and inspire continued exploration. LINGO community members also have access to STEM lessons via the LINGO learning portal.


Kingston Technology: Remote learning and work-from-home is now embedded into our daily lives. Kingston has the essential tools to help maintain working from home more efficient and productive. A few products include encrypted USB drives and the Nucleum USB-C hub. An encrypted USB drive makes it quick and easy to transfer data back and forth between devices, and most importantly, provides exceptional data security to safeguard your information. If you absolutely must go into work to retrieve files, consider an encrypted USB to keep data safe. Running out of ports on your computer? Nucleum is the one hub to rule them all. It allows for use of a mouse, monitor, USBs and even power pass-through to charge your connected devices.


HyperX: HyperX is a global gaming brand that has become more popular recently because of the WFH, School From Home and general stay at home activities during the pandemic. HyperX will be presenting three new products (wireless headset, gaming mouse and USB microphone for Zoom calls or streaming online), all are appropriate for product reviews and holiday gift guides. HyperX is also announcing the expansion of the global HyperX Heroes influencer line up. HyperX’s tagline is WE’RE ALL GAMERS, and it has never been more appropriate than now.


Obvus Solutions: obVus Solutions (ob-vee-uhs) flagship patented product, minder®, is a user-friendly, smart wearable device that pairs with the Apple Watch to offer real-time insight and build healthy habits: good posture, mindful breathing and purposeful breaks, using a “game-fied” environment. The obVus minder® Laptop Tower Stand, an ergonomically designed, height-adjustable stand that turns a laptop into sit/stand desk, was named “The Best Laptop Stand to Save Your Neck” by Wired magazine in 2020.


CleanCharge Antimicrobial Laptop Sleeve: A laptop sleeve infused with ViralOff’® which offers 24/7 germicidal protection, to guarantee that devices have constant protection from harmful bacteria and viruses. The CleanCharge laptop sleeve is offered in two universal sizes and retails at just $29.95, making it a great affordable gift for the woman you know whose laptop is their lifeline!

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Wireless 20k Battery pack: A wireless portable charger that contains an impressive 20,000 mAh capacity which allows between 7-10 smartphone recharges. Additionally, it can charge multiple devices at once and weighs less than a pound, so it can fit in just about any bag or pocket. The Wireless 20k battery pack only costs $27.95 and is a great gift for any woman you know who is always on the go.


Geekey: It’s time to think outside the toolbox with the Geekey. This expertly combined go-to tool is the size of a key, so be ready to upgrade your keychain. It’s fully equipped with more than 16+ functions to help you tackle those common, everyday problems, and when you’re done, simply toss it back in your pocket. Don’t let its size fool you. This award-winning work of art and engineering is crafted out of a solid chunk of 420 Stainless Steel to take on big and “tough as nails”  jobs. Available on Amazon

Esker: What people want more than ever is to be able to buy a product, have it arrive on time, and just have it work. No nonsense, no hassle.

Have you ever lost your wallet? We have just the item for you!

The credit card-sized tracker is solar-powered, so don’t worry about charging yet another device.

Our wallets have a signature pop-up card mechanism to ensure easy access to your cards at all times.

Not a leather fan? Our latest release is often named “The Apple of Wallets”, made from space-grade aluminum and built to last you for years!


Uni-fit: This product line focuses on four benefit areas – sleep, travel, music and swim – making them ideal for any activity or situation.

  • Sleep Uni-fit Earplugs
    • Pluggerz Sleep earplugs with special filters attenuate ambient noise without blocking out important sounds like alarms or crying babies. They make your sleeping environment more peaceful and allow you to relax more.
    • 99/available on Amazon & local CVS and Meijer’s locations
  • Travel Uni-fit Earplugs
    • Hearing protectors with a special pressure-regulating filter. That way, you have control over noise and can enjoy your trip.
    • $12.99/available on Amazon & local CVS and Meijer’s locations
  • Swim Uni-fit Earplugs
    • Universal earplugs that keep water out of your ears to prevent painful ear canals as a result of water in your ears. With 3-lamina design for optimal fit.
    • $9.99/available on Amazon & local CVS and Meijer’s locations
  • Music Uni-fit Earplugs
    • Hearing protectors with a unique music filter that filters out harmful noise while preserving the musical experience.
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Scoria World: Artistic cork yoga mats and props that are as functional as they are cool to look at. These products are made from sustainably harvested cork. The eco-friendly design works for hot yoga, gentle yoga, meditation, and stretching. Scoria World is a proud partner of Feeding Children Everywhere, which serves plant-based, nutritious meals to children in need. Every purchase donates multiple meals.

Nomadix: Go from one activity to another with one towel. Sound hard to believe? Nomadix is the go anywhere, do anything towel. Made from certified post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, you’ll love the fun designs and eco-friendly material. Whether your activity is camping, yoga, sports or beach-going, get there with Nomadix. The towel is durable, versatile, and easily packs down small for all your adventures. Each is super absorbent, slip and odor reinforcement, pet hair and sand resistant, and lightweight.

Nomadix is a gift that gives back! Feel good knowing that they’re a member of the 1% for the Planet and Conservation Allian.


Sharkbanz–Shark Deterrent Band: This is perfect for water lovers and surfers who want to stay safe from shark attacks.  Black Friday – Cyber Monday Buy 2 or More, get 20% Off.  Enter code “BEKIND20” at Checkout.


Argent Skis: These are the brainchild of lifelong skiers who believe that every day is the best time to go skiing.  The unique shape of their skis practically turn for you. Their all-mountain lineup is led by the OSQ or One Ski Quiver. It truly does it all. With a directional profile, 16-meter turning radius, and tapered early rise tip, the OSQ is equally at home in a 45-degree chute or a fun blue cruiser. The OSQ has been used for years by Park City locals as their touring ski, rental companies as their premier demo offering, and all types of skiers as their favorite daily driver.


Jet Academy: This is a virtual basketball camp that features sessions with NBA and WNBA stars, as well as other basketball pros. Kenny “The Jet” Smith runs the camp.

KemTai: Perfect for someone who wants a personal trainer without leaving the house. 

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