Leverage 2 Social Media roundup: Hurricanes and Halloween

It was an eventful week for the cast and crew of Leverage 2 with Hurricane Zeta landing a direct hit on New Orleans and celebrating Halloween.


Hurricane Zeta:

This wasn’t the first, and probably won’t be the last, hurricane everyone had to deal with.



But the eye passed over New Orleans while the others had veered around.



And while the cast seemed to stay inside while the storm raged, the stunt coordinators had other ideas.



Fun times! And sneak peeks!

Gina Bellman (Sophie) posted the following photos on her twitter of the crew dressed up on set.


Based on a background casting notice, and somewhat confirmed by the sign behind the grip crew, this particular episode (#6 I believe. Unless they’re filming out of order) is taking place at a Renaissance Fair.

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And one of Sophie’s looks, unsure if it’s this episode or a previous one.



Of course Bellman dressed up, sharing this photo of her and her daughter enjoying a bit of costumed fun.


Noah Wyle (Harry Wilson) even got into the spirit.


And while Aldis Hodge (Alec Hardison) is off filming City on a Hill in New York, I can’t neglect his post and costume.


Leverage 2.0, like the original series, follows a group of reformed crooks as they steal from corrupt businessmen and wealthy criminals. The reboot stars four of the five original cast including Bellman and Hodge. Beth Riesgraf reprises the thief “Parker”, Christian Kane is back as hitter “Eliot Spencer”. New cast members include Wyle (The Librarians), a corporate lawyer who has realized he’s been on the wrong side of the table, and Aleyse Shannon (Charmed) as “Breanna Casey” Hardison’s tech genius little sister.

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