Big Brother All Stars Recap for 8/19/2020: Who Won POV?

We are on the second POV competition of the season for CBS’s Big Brother All Stars. This will determine if Nicole A and David will stay on the block or if one of them will be removed.


After a quick recap of the last episode, we get down to business. Nicole A is upset about being on the  block, while Dani is upset over the fact that Memphis is degrading houseguests and playing a lousy game.


Tyler, for his part, talks to David and says he wants to work together, despite the fact that he is in an alliance with Memphis.


Janelle wants to help Nicole A, so she talks to Memphis, who makes it clear he doesn’t care about her or David and wants them gone. She tries to get Nicole F to become a target, but she has no idea that they are in an alliance. Nicole F is also working with Cody, Dani and Tyler in said alliance.


Memphis and Cody talk and Memphis is thrilled that Janelle and Kaysar (who was in the room with him and Janelle)tell him everything that is going on. Cody thinks they are in an alliance and one of them should be backdoored. Memphis disagrees and tells Cody to keep the conversation between them. However, he talks to Dani and Tyler. This makes Tyler more determined than ever to save David.


POV Competition will be played by Nicole A, Memphis, Tyler, Nicole F, David and Ian. Oh, and Ian (due to being the Safety Suite Plus One) has to watch All-Star Wars and act out scenes randomly, at any time he is told….in full costume. It is entertaining to say the least.

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Tyler tells Memphis about Janelle and Kaysar targeting them when they are joined by Nicole F and Christmas. Word gets out that Janelle wants to backdoor Nicole F, which makes her wonder why Janelle hates her. Memphis says the plan now is to keep everything the same, but no one trusts him. Tyler is more determined than ever to save David.


The POV competition has them standing on a star, balancing a sphere on a disc. If they drop it, they are out. Nicole A., Nicole F., Ian, David and Tyler are all eliminated, making Memphis the winner. Cody wants him to use the POV, but he decides to keep it the same, upsetting Dani and Nicole F.


Eviction tomorrow, stay tuned.


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