Stella & Co. Airing Tonight on PBS

Documentary filmmaker, Robin Leacock, is releasing her latest film, “Stella & Co: A Romantic Musical Comedy Documentary About Aging,” on PBS nationwide. The film sheds a bright light on those considered within “The Silent Generation,” highlighting how it is important now than ever to cherish and incomparable value the lives of the elderly.

Stella & Co is inspired by Robin’s late 103-year-old mother, Estelle “Stella” Craig, who lived at an independent living senior residence in the United States and the documentary follows the lives of eight residents, ranging in age from late 70s to early 100s. The film provides an introspective, nostalgic and uplifting peek into the lives of these vibrant seniors, who continue to celebrate life, laugh hard and tell wonderful stories with humor and grace well into their golden years.

The beginning of the film kicks off with a quote, “In Earth-keeping cultures, each elder that dies is a library that burns,” from Robin who spent over two years, beginning in 2018 with the seniors in the assisted living facility, documenting their lives. Leacock hopes that the film will “encourage people to remember the great treasure we have in our older generation. They have accomplished extraordinary things and have much to teach us, far past their retirement years. We are living in extraordinary times, where our aged population is vulnerable as never before.”

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Author: Sammi Turano
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