Holy Trinity Out NOW!

Need a new movie to watch? Check out Holy Trinity, which stars Molly Hewitt. The movie promises to be a hit and put Molly on the map. Check out more details below

HOLY TRINITY arrives to rent/own on digital Tuesday, July 21. The film will be available exclusively via Full Spectrum Features, in order to more directly support the film and the artists who made it.

About The Movie:

Holy Trinity is an independent, sex-positive millennial working as a dominatrix in Chicago. After an incident huffing her drug of choice—a mysterious aerosol can from the ubiquitous Glamhag brand—she finds herself with a newfound gift for speaking to the dead. Confused and more than a little curious about this strange turn of events, Trinity seeks the counsel of a colorful cast of characters, from priests and drag queens to a witch and more, all of whom teach her their unique spiritual practices.

As she navigates life with this unexpected talent (and continues to huff that mysterious drug), Trinity is tossed between hallucination and reality more and more frequently, developing a growing confidence in her strange new ability and learning to harness it in surprising ways. But with any

great power comes great responsibility, and soon Trinity has to decide what’s more important: her community and personal relationships or the allure of influence and fame.

Writer/Director/Star: Molly Hewitt
Producers: Eugene Sun Park, Molly Hewitt
Executive Producers: Joe Swanberg, Edwin Linker, Peter Gilbert
Cinematographer: Greg Stephen Reigh
Production Designer: Mood Killer
Editor: Ashley Thompson

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