Sammi’s Favorite Things: GoSili

Like many people, I love a good coffee mug, especially a travel mug. I enjoy my daily dose(s) of joe, but sadly, my pocketbook cannot always afford me multiple trips to my favorite coffee shop. There is also the issue of all those disposable cups being thrown out and causing waste….what is a girl to do when all she wants is her coffee without causing damage to the environment?

Enter GoSili! This company has a line of reusable cups that are made of silicone, making them environmentally friendly and stylish for the guy or gal on the go. They come in many different colors and are affordable, making them that much better.

The company also has its own line of reusable straws!

More information:

GoSili, the brand that brings colorful reusable straws and cups for those who love the planet, provides a durable alternative to the excessive use of plastic. Americans throw away 500 million straws and 40 million coffee cups a day.

This sustainable brand creates the best European-grade silicone tumblers, cups and straws on the market that are stylish, modern, tough, and 100% nontoxic.

These durable and vibrant alternatives are available online at Target, Amazon, starting at $3

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