Sammi’s Favorite Things: Bumpin’ Blends

Moms and moms to be, rejoice! Bumpin’ Blends has a new line of smoothies that can help you feel your very best and are healthy for both you and baby.

Enjoyed by Miranda Kerr, Tori Roloff and Lauryn Evarts throughout their pregnancies and beyond, this genius solution to help improve the many symptoms of new motherhood creates custom pre-blended, frozen smoothie cubes that are delivered every 2 weeks! Each of their 22 smoothie blends is designed to support a particular symptoms of motherhood from pregnancy symptoms (like morning sickness and swollen ankles) to postpartum needs (like boosting milk supply and mood) to the many needs of an on-the-go mom (like energy and reducing anxiety). The process is simple:

Step 1: Fill in your symptoms, due date or baby’s age, and dietary preferences.

Step 2: Bumpin Blends customizes seven different smoothies specific to your needs and sets you up with your own 24/7 nutritionist. Your smoothie cubes are delivered to your door every other week.

Step 3: Pour a packet of pre-blended cubes into the blender, add liquid, and enjoy! The packets are even designed to be opened with one hand – making them perfect for a mom juggling it all!

A subscription includes:

  • Seven packets of custom pre-blended smoothie cubes hand-delivered every other week.
  • Each of the seven blends is 16 oz, so can easily make up to 14 smoothies.
  • Made from organic, whole-food ingredients that are absolutely, 100% scientifically supported to be safe and beneficial for pregnant women.
  • Designed to support pregnancy and postpartum ailments, as well as the needs of motherhood.
  • Helps with over 22 different symptoms, including nausea, increase energy and reduces swelling!
  • Provides baby the ingredients they need (think: omega-3s, iron, protein, folate, calcium, etc.).
  • The smoothies change as her symptoms and baby’s needs change.
  • New flavors are sent as her pregnancy or time as a mama progresses.
  • Also fantastic for ANY woman, whether or not a mama, trying to conceive, mama of older children, grieving a pregnancy loss, or detoxing post-IVF as well. They are even safe and delicious for kids to drink.
  • Zero added sugars, flavors, or artificial ingredients.
  • Option to cancel at any time with no fees
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Pregnancy and new motherhood can leave women with little time to take care of themselves. Bumpin Blends makes sure she gets the nutrients she (and baby!) needs to make this special time in life all the more enjoyable!

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