40 by 40 With Sammi: Item 21, Recipe 13

Ah, lucky number 13! I am officially done with thirteen recipes for Item 21 on my 40 by 40 with Sammi Bucket List Challenge. So far, all of them have been delicious, knock on wood. Even the bacon that got burned was fairly decent, once I got rid of the burned parts!

Tonight was no different. I made the Seared Filet Mignon (or as Kristy Thomas called it in The Baby-Sitters Club book 18 Stacey’s Mistake, fill-it-mig-nun) It was one of the more expensive recipes, but I was able to get a good deal on the steaks on Omaha Steaks, so I decided to go for it.

The recipe is easy. All you do is cover each steak with salt and pepper (white and black) and cook in a cast iron grill that is heated with oil and melted butter. Cook each side to your liking (I like mine Pittsburgh rare, which is practically mooing!) and tent in aluminum foil for five minutes. Serve with sides. You can top wit more butter and parsley if desired.

I added some onion and garlic to my steak for a bit of extra flavor. It is a definite make again recipe….but for special occasions. As delicious as these bad boys are, they are a bit pricey. Of course, you can also use different cuts of steak, but some things are worth the splurge.

I have another recipe on the horizon for tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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