Celebrity Spotlight: Sydney and Ame

Sister act Sydney and Ame talk to TVGrapevine about what’s going on in their worlds!
Tell me a bit about how the show began. 

Our show started on March 22, 2020. We created the idea to write a letter to people telling them about our dreams and ambitions and lots of people were intrigued! We always had plans to host our own talk show, and once we started being home schooled, we thought it was the perfect time to turn what some people might think of a negative, into a positive. Staying home and developing our talk show allows us to connect with others in the entertainment industry, in sports and all kinds of different parts of life. We are learning that there are so many more things that we have in common with the world, than people realize! After our first interview, we felt like it was the best thing in the world and we wanted more and more interactions with people and to hear their stories.

-Who inspires you as a host/influencer?
We are SO inspired by both Oprah and Ellen. They make people feel something every single day, whether during a show or because of something they wrote or because of a smile. They show us everyday that we should love who we are and dream bigger than we can even imagine.
-Who are some people you want to interview? We would go crazy for interviews with BTS (because Sydney is learning Korean and we went to Korea), Shawn Mendes, because his music is everything to us, Kevin Hart, the whole cast of On My Block, Rhett and Link, Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon, Cedric the Entertainer, the cast of Superstore, the cast of Lucifer and so many more, we can’t even think!!! We just love everyone and want to get to know their whole story!
-Who was your favorite guest interview so far? We love everyone the same. Each guest brings something special.
-What’s next for you guys? We are continuing to build our platform and grow our talk show beyond Instagram. We are always auditioning for film and television roles. And every serious actor, works hard, so we train with our acting coaches and our vocal coach multiple times per week.
-Tell me a surprising, fun fact about yourselves. We travel to Mauritius every year and our grandfather was a professional musician who played with the Rat Pack!
-What are you watching on TV these days? We love Lucifer and On My Block.
-Anything else you want to tell America? We are ready for you and we can’t wait for everyone to hear our story and share their story with us, too! We are dreamers, and we are hungry to grow, learn, love and have fun!
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Author: Sammi Turano
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